About Me

Karen Blundell

Language4Life is owned and run by Karen Blundell, a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist and registered member of the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association.

With a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Sciences gained in the UK, Karen has over 12 years experience working with children and young adults with various communication difficulties. She has worked with children and young adults in England and in New Zealand, both in the public education, community and private sectors.

What an Experience With Me Will Be….

  • Initial free of charge telephone consultation with the client/parent/caregiver of the child to discuss concerns.
  • Client/child is then booked in for an initial assessment. Assessment can last from 1 to 1 ½ hours depending upon how complex the issue is. The level of complexity would be determined during the initial phone consultation.
  • A brief Case History questionnaire about the client’s/child’s physical and communication development will be sent to complete prior to attending the assessment.
  • A report detailing the client’s/child’s communication strengths, areas of need and identified goals (in consultation with you) to work on will then be sent to you.
  • Therapy sessions usually last 45 minutes and the client/ child can be seen weekly/fortnightly. Depending upon availability, I would aim to see the client/child for therapy within 1-2 weeks from the assessment.
  • Assessment/therapy is provided in the client’s/child’s home or in their educational setting. Parental involvement (as appropriate) in the session is encouraged so that the goals can be carried over into the child’s home/educational environment to help them progress quicker.
  • The client’s/child’s progress will be frequently reviewed and with your consultation, therapy will continue or cease dependent on the client’s/ child’s progress.


How does Language4Life deliver therapy to help a client/child achieve their communication goals?

This is dependent upon the age of the client, their level of learning ability and their area of need. I use a range of materials which could include: toys, games, pictures/photos, books, media, communication boards and Apps that are specifically designed to promote the development of speech and language skills.

Is financial assistance available for the cost of therapy?

Yes, perhaps, depending upon the circumstances. Contact me on (021 126 3013) to discuss further.