Creating confidence in the classroom & everyday life

Kumon’s English and Maths programmes strengthen a child’s academic foundations for confidence in the classroom and in everyday life.

With more than 4.2 million students learning with Kumon worldwide and 20 years experience in New Zealand, we know how important it is for all children to be confident in the fundamentals of maths and reading.

By tailoring our programmes to suit each child’s ability, students progress at a pace that is challenging yet achievable for them. They start at the level where they can achieve a perfect score.

This provides the child with confidence in their ability to achieve on their own and a greater desire to learn.

Small steps for big progress

Our programmes are designed for students to advance in small steps at their own pace, allowing them to progress smoothly at the appropriate level. Through Kumon, students acquire the skills to learn independently and the knowledge to be able to study material beyond their school grade level.

When students experience solving problems by themselves and the feeling of being advanced, there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Discover a love of learning

We aim to develop more than just a child’s maths and reading skills. Our goal is for every child to discover a love of learning by building confidence, perseverance and the self-belief to attempt new and challenging work.

Kumon Learning Centres

At Kumon, we believe that "life skills" are the core to a sound education. Our Instructors use Kumon's unique learning method to foster "life skills" in children so that they may develop their full potential.

All Kumon Instructors are able to provide sound instructional guidance to students and implement the Kumon programme with confidence - they genuinely have an ambition to see children grow and develop.

The minimum qualification we expect from our Instructors is to hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline and must have demonstrated proficiency in both mathematics and English.  Kumon Instructors must value learning and education.

Who will assess & work with my child?

A qualified Kumon instructor will individually assess your child to determine the point within the programme that best suits your child. From this point, a study projection is shared so that all parties have a clear understanding of how your child will develop through the Kumon programme.

In your chosen Kumon centre, our Instructors ensure that each student is working on learning materials that are precisely suited to their ability. Through a process known as "Feedback", our Kumon Instructors discuss with each child what they will focus on that day, and agree on the assessment criteria.

Your child's instructor is responsible for developing your child's independence - they are encouraged to be confident with the centre procedures, evaluate their own work and set new goals for themselves.

To find out how the Kumon Method can make your child a confident, successful and independent learner please call the centre nearest you. We welcome your call.



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