Kumgang Taekwondo

Taekwondo – ‘the way of the foot and fist'

Study a modern Korean Martial Art that combines traditional techniques with practical application. Learn how to protect yourself using your hands and feet to strike, kick and defend. Improve co-ordination and focus while you get fit.

Family-orientated Club with Qualified and Experienced Instructors

World Taekwondo Federation style taught by Master Detlef Schwarz; 5th Dan Black Belt; International Poomse Referee; National Sparring Referee; Over 15 years teaching experience. High quality instructors. For several years, former and current students have been chosen to represent New Zealand in the National Taekwondo Team.

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Train in a Supportive Atmosphere

If you are looking for a non-judgmental environment where age and ability are not barriers to achievement, this is the club for you. Our friendly instructors (male and female) use a dynamic, modern, varied programme to suit all learning styles. Students are given equal opportunity to develop their physical skills during training, feel supported and learn to encourage each other.

Sticking up for Yourself

The Bullying Awareness Programme empowers children who have lost their confidence and self-esteem. Seminars and self-defense techniques help children regain confidence and feel in control again. We will listen to your child and help them to prevent and minimize incidents - Bullying is never O.K.

Assertive with Social Skills

We develop assertive, respectful students using the Taekwondo Tenets. If you would like your child to develop their social circle alongside their body (strength; fitness; stamina; co-ordination) and mind (self-control), our social agenda includes yearly camps, beach training, fun days and training throughout the year (only 3 weeks off for Xmas). If your child is competitive, we will help them access external competitions. If not - we have friendly fun on open days.

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Ladies Only

You can train too when your children are at school or Kindy. Two mornings a week there are Ladies only classes. Need Time-Out, a chance to get fitter and release those tensions? Here is a perfect opportunity.

No hidden costs

The once a month fee covers all club training costs, your first uniform and grading costs up to Black Belt.

Client Photos/DSCN5310(copy)(copy).jpgExtra Benefits

  • Spacious training hall with easy access and plenty of parking
  • Family room for younger siblings and parents
  • World - recognized Kukkiwon grading accreditation
  • Affiliated to the World Taekwondo Federation - a world-wide Taekwondo organisation
  • Optional STAR homework programme to develop life skills with the Tenets of Taekwondo
  • Opportunities for experienced students to join the Club Demonstration or Poomse Teams

Come and visit us; we look forward to meeting you.