KMA Martial Arts

Positive & empowering environment

We are passionate about building confident, self-aware, strong and resilient students, always emphasizing the positive and encouraging your child’s unique abilities. Our facility is a bully-free zone!

Our challenging, fun and rewarding programme focuses on teaching your child the fundamentals of the Kempo Karate & Kung-Fu system.

Teacher-student ratios are limited, allowing for the teaching of specific techniques appropriate to your child’s age and grade.

I Am Ready youth programme

Alongside our martial arts programme, we offer the ‘I Am Ready’ Youth programme which aims to empower youth and teach them the necessary tools to be able deal with life situations in a more resilient way. Over a 10 week period, students cover self-awareness, self-confidence, anti-bullying strategy/awareness and basic self-protection skills. This programme is also ideal for non KMA members.

Character development

The greatest benefit of training in a good martial arts system is the character traits gained by your child. They learn key values in the KMA classes and apply them to everyday life. Being dependable and showing respect for self, family and teachers is the starting point.

Through learning, practice and reward, your child will develop their self-esteem and confidence. This is also a hugely important step towards anti-bullying.

With continual support and testing situations, your child will re-enforce this new-found confidence and learn to find courage, tact and coolness when dealing with new experiences.


KMA classes take place at Outram Hall, opposite Murrays Bay Beach.

About Us       

“Sifu” Scott Forrest – 7th Degree Black Belt

KMA Martial Arts was established in October 2010 by Sifu Scott Forrest, whose experience includes 30 years’ martial arts training/instructing in Shaolin Kempo (see Scott has attended well over 50 national seminars and events, training directly under New Zealand Kempo Founder and Grand Master, Robert Gemmell, along with many of the country's Senior Kempo Masters.

“Shifu” Taku Poll – 6th Degree Black Belt

In June 2011, Scott was joined by Taku Poll who has over 19 years’ experience training/instructing in Kempo. Taku has been taught directly by some of New Zealand's leading Kempo Senior Masters, as well as Grand Master Robert Gemmell. She has attended a large number of national Kempo seminars and events and competed in tournaments at a very high level.

“Chief Instructor” Rochelle McFarlane – 2nd Degree Black Belt

Rochelle McFarlane has been a member of the instructing team since October 2011. Rochelle has trained for over 10 years in the art of Kempo under “Shihan” Kevin Watts and both Scott and Taku. Since joining KMA, Rochelle has become a respected and valued member of the instructing team.

Your child is taught in a fully equipped, safe, fun, positive and friendly environment. Our qualified Black Belt Instructors are helpful, welcoming and hold an open door policy for families.



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