Kindercare Learning Centres

About Us

Relationships are at the heart of Kindercare and that’s why families choose us. Parents place enormous trust in us, when leaving their child in our care that’s why getting to know each family is all about listening to your aspirations for your child; establishing what your childcare needs are; and understanding what matters to you and your child.

Our care and education focusses on ensuring your child thrives at each stage of development, through a strong connection between home life and centre life.

Our commitment to parents is partnership – because we’re here to support you. Our commitment to your precious child is excellence – because by providing outstanding care and education, children can reach their full and unique potential.

Our qualified, registered Teachers benefit from regular professional development and are trained in Tripe P (positive parenting program) designed to assist families with parenting challenges.

How we help your child

Baby Care

Babies need regular, gentle moments of care that are responsive to their world.

They need strong connections, trust, and loving relationships.

You’ll find our teachers are emotionally present and, because they’re in tune with your baby, they’ll notice your little one, recognise what they are doing during their day, and respond quickly and with kindness.

Your baby will be talked to, cuddled, sung to, held, reassured, and cherished in our unhurried, predictable, and peaceful environment.


Toddlers are frequently inquisitive, busy, and filled with a natural curiosity to explore their world.

We love this about them, which is why we provide opportunities for them to be active and use their whole bodies to make new discoveries.

Through secure relationships with our nurturing Teachers, your toddler’s growing independence and social, emotional, physical, and developmental needs will be met in our flexible, relaxed environment, providing them with freedom and space to explore and have fun.


Your capable pre-schooler will thrive when they’re provided with a range of fun-filled opportunities to learn through play.

As your child reaches an age where they’re able to express themselves, we provide a flexible environment that is creative, respectful, imaginative, and that supports them in developing their own identity. Building their self-confidence, emotional resilience, and ability to persevere are valuable skills that will be with them throughout their lives.

Meaningful conversations, small group projects, real-life learning and child-led discovery will enrich your child’s preschool years and provide them with a smooth and exciting transition to primary school.

Physical Environment

Our centres are bright, modern, and specifically designed to suit different age groups. Resources, equipment, and invitations to play in indoor and outdoor areas are intentional, to support the needs, interests, and development of the children in that room.

All our centres have good car parking facilities for drop offs and pickups.

Whether you’re returning to work, looking for opportunities for your child to socialise with other children, or you're wanting to ensure your preschooler is well-prepared for their transition to primary school, come in and chat to our experienced team at your local Kindercare centre or submit an online enrolment enquiry. Please visit our website: