Kids Baking & Decorating Classes

About Us

Welcome to Kids Baking and Decorating Classes NZ, owned and operated by Razaan, an independent mum who has a passion and love for baking! Her inner quirky and absolute love for working with kids started this FABULOUS idea of Kids Baking and Decorating Classes.

An interactive Hands on Class that aims to encourage life long skills such as team building, being creative, learning to use measurements in the kitchen, building on their confidence in the kitchen and much more.

A fun, interactive place where mums can meet, kids feel safe and enjoy a creative passion they might have not known they had for baking and art! Our business is built purely on the theory of “kids learn through play”! That’s why we welcome kids of all ages.

Kids Learning through Play

Every class starts with an awesome ice breaker! Because our kids work in teams of 3/4 in a team it is always good to break the ice with a couple of laughs!

We get baking in our two teams of 3-4 kids. Classes are kept small so that we can be as interactive as possible. Each team will bake from scratch a dozen cupcakes. The second half of the class involves being creative with the theme of the class inspiring the kids.

Our kids work with fondant, baking tools, decorating tools, fondant colours, glitters etc all of which is supplied.

Physical environment

Based in Forrest Hill, North Shore, there is plenty of parking on our premises.

Parents can either leave or stay after dropping off – it is entirely up to the parent! If the parent is confident to leave their child, they are welcome to. However, we also encourage parents to join in and get creative with their child!


Our class are pure fun! Kids rock out to their music, they get baking, support each other and parents often join in on the creativity and have as much fun.

If you would like to find out more then check out our Facebook page or give us a call today!