Kidd Inn Early Learning Centre

Welcome to Kidd-Inn

Kidd Inn Tree.jpgAt Kidd Inn we are blessed to have a team of educators skilled in providing positive child learning experiences. Our educators are understanding and supportive to children in times of adversity and are skilled in guiding desirable behavior, enabling your child to learn appropriate limits and boundaries.

We have a strong commitment to ensuring that all our staff are provided with on-going professional development, ensuring that we are up-to-date with the latest issues and knowledge within the early childhood sector. All resources in our curriculum promote curiosity and extension, and are carefully scrutinised for their value in promoting play and learning.

We believe in empowering children to be involved in self-initiated play with extended opportunities.

Our philosophy is founded on respect

Respect for self & community

Kidd Inn boys in sand.jpgWe are committed to providing your child with opportunities to learn respect for his or herself as a unique and special individual as well as the community they interact with – other children, teachers, and adults.

Together we celebrate our differences but at the same time instilling a strong sense of belonging. We aspire to create a strong sense of social competency in every child.

We create warm and reciprocal relationships with children, families and whanau, which are based on open communication, trust and reliability. Children are nurtured with warmth and affection, providing emotional well-being. Respectful relationships promote a solid base for children explore their environment with the knowledge that they are being cared for and are safe and secure.

Respect for our natural world

We have a strong commitment to the natural world and encourage children to become guardians of the earth. We believe that nature provides children with the optimal basis to enrich their imagination and, through provision of diverse and varied materials, the opportunity for open-ended play and unstructured creative exploration. Your child will learn about sustainable practices and form a healthy respect for our planet. By looking at our natural surroundings your child will gain an understanding of Aotearoa’s uniqueness.

Respect for our unique New Zealand culture

New Zealand’s culture is unique. We celebrate what it means to be a New Zealander through the legends and stories of our beginnings.

The teaching of Nga Atua is evident within our curriculum. We recognise the unique place of Maori as Tangata Whenua and are therefore committed to honouring the Treaty Of Waitangi. Our centres are guided by the three main treaty principles in delivering a bi-cultural environment :

  • Partnerships are encouraged with parents, teachers and children.
  • Protection of Maori protocol, stories and language is honoured.
  • Participation of all stakeholders is encouraged in all aspects of our curriculum.

Our centres

A major factor in the success of our programme is our link with families/whanau. At all our centres parent involvement is encouraged in all decision making and, in particular, guidance when seeking goals and aspirations for your child. It is our aim to ensure that this relationship is responsive and reciprocal and that you, as parents/whanau, feel valued and supported.

The wider community is involved also within our curriculum through field trips, contact with local schools and visitors to our centre.

If you wish to know more about joining the Kidd Inn family please call us on (09 818 9398). We would love to hear from you.

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