Kelly Club NZ Central Auckland

About Us

Established in 2009, the Kelly Club aims to provide not just "a childcare facility", but a safe environment where children can have fun and benefit in a number of ways. Our friendly staff are passionate about working with children and are provided with training on behaviour management techniques, first aid, art and craft activities and a range of basic sports skills.

Beforecare and Aftercare

Our Beforecare Programmes offer opportunities for children to choose between a range of art and craft activities, games, Lego, books and free play equipment. Staff will lead a variety of small projects each term. All this leads to preparing children for a busy day of learning. Our Aftercare Programmes are focused around sports, cooking, art and craft activities as well as structured ‘free-time’ after a busy day at school. These activities will be incorporated into themed subjects each week that give children the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the school classroom. There will be set time for children to complete homework should they (or their parents) want homework completed before they are collected. All children on our Aftercare Programmes will be provided with afternoon tea of healthy snacks such as sandwiches, fresh fruit and water.

Holiday Programmes

Kelly Sports and Kelly Club offer 50+ OSCAR Holiday Programmes across New Zealand. Our Holiday Programmes focus on giving children, aged between 5 and 13, the opportunity to do things they enjoy in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. These programmes are packed with variety to entertain and inspire children. Each Holiday Programme is full of exciting activities and trips that will guarantee your children will have a great time!

Our Facilities

The facilities of a Kelly Club differ between each school but are usually a classroom or hall space on the school grounds. All Kelly Club’s have access to a kitchen and bathrooms as well as the fields or courts to run around outside.

Our Kelly Club Locations

Kelly Club Newmarket and Kelly Club Marist Catholic School

What does a typical day at Kelly Club look like?

Tug O WarAfter we do a strict attendance check and call any parents/caregivers that we need to we provide a healthy afternoon tea. This is then followed by an active and fun warm up/get to know each other game that is based on the theme of the week. We then implement our planned activity.  Each day we focus on either Sport, Cooking, Crafts, Discovery or Science all related back to the weekly theme.

If the activity does not suit all the children fun alternative games and activities are readily available.

All the staff are continuously interacting and engaging with the children at all times. At 4.30 the activities finish and we do a quick tidy up and then provide another healthy snack for the children that are with us until 6pm. We then provide various games and coach run activities for the children that are still keen to keep going.

What makes your Kelly Club special?

Kids Link PhotoOur coaches and staff care. We don't not just sit back and supervise we engage, deliver and interact. We pride ourselves on helping children feel comfortable and safe in our programmes while they have as much fun as possible!

Why should they choose your Kelly Club?

With great communication to parents about up coming activities, behavior of children and booking queries you will not have to worry if the traffic is bad or your child is sick. You can book in as late as you need and if you let us know your child is not attending you will not have to pay for that day!

This makes us one of the most flexible and affordable child care providers in Auckland.

Kelly Club Waiheke

What does a typical day at Kelly Club look like?

Children arrive and attendance is done. A healthy and delicious afternoon tea is given and then we do an activity, either cooking, sports, craft or science related to the theme of the week. General art/craft and activities are also on offer around the specific ones.

What makes your Kelly Club special?

Our staff care for the children and engage with them at their level. We have a mix of older and younger staff - 3 high school students who the children really love and look forward to seeing each week. Often parents come to get their children and then choose to leave again as their children want them to come back later. If that happens we are fine with that. Parents are happy too as their children are happy.

Why should they choose your Kelly Club?

We are very reliable and cost effective. You can always get a space and if you book and then can't come you are not charged. Our after school care also goes until 6.30pm so commuter parents can catch the 5.30pm boat from Auckland and if you are a parent that doesn't commute then you have more time to get your work done. We also like to create a space where children feel like they are at home away from home.

Children are encouraged, educated and entertained during their time on our programmes. We use a professional programme model and have local people take control of the programme, this means Kelly Club programmes best meet the needs of the local community.