JS Speech & Language Therapy

About Jane

I am a certified and practising member of the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA), with over 10 years’ clinical experience as a paediatric Speech & Language Therapist. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Linguistics and a PgDip in Speech and Language Therapy, I also completed additional qualifications in paediatric dysphagia (eating and drinking difficulties).

Having worked extensively with children of all ages and with varying conditions (in both NZ and the UK), I use highly specialist skills to assist children with complex needs, acquired brain injury and neurological conditions.

I also have significant experience in providing training to other professionals, including other speech and language therapists and providing clinical supervision and mentorship to other therapists. Now working in private practice, I offer a flexible, evidence based service for families and children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

What to expect

You will be offered a complimentary telephone consultation with me, to discuss the concerns you have and to decide whether a speech and language assessment is required.

An assessment usually consists of a thorough discussion, informal assessment (usually through play) and often a formal, standardized assessment. A typical assessment session takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes, before a report is written, identifying your child’s speech and language skills and specific therapy goals.

What next

Therapy sessions may be offered for your child, depending on the results of the assessment. Specific goals will be targeted in therapy sessions, which are aimed to be fun, age appropriate and tailored to your child’s interests. Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, depending on the age and attention skills of your child and are usually offered weekly. A home programme is usually recommended, with additional ideas and activities to work on at home. This is an important part of therapy.

I currently see children all over the North Shore, Rodney, Hibiscus Coast, Orewa and as far north as Matakana. Typically assessment and therapy occurs at the child's home, school, kindy or in clinic depending on the age and needs of each child.

Family members are encouraged to attend the sessions (where possible) so that they feel confident in carrying out speech and language therapy programmes at home.

I offer a very friendly and affordable service to ensure as many families as possible can have access to independent speech and language therapy. Therapy sessions are fun and dynamic as children learn best when they are enjoying themselves!