Jellybeans Music

About Us

Margaret has been heading up the Jellybeans Music programme in NZ from the start of 2017. Margaret has years of experience as a Piano teacher as well as Retail Manager for the largest music instrument retail store in Wellington. She also worked in Auckland in a school uniform company, developing relationships with Principals and schools which has contributed to her big impact on the Jellybeans Music business, bringing in many more schools and after school care programmes to Jellybeans. Margaret has a passion for music and has a goal of every Primary school child in NZ having access to quality music experiences at school.

Children are engaged through singing, dancing, performing on instruments, and listening. It is a tried, tested and LOVED programme by 15,000+ students.


Music is increasingly understood to be a vital subject for an overall rounded education. International research demonstrates unequivocally the many positive attributes music education has for all students, but particularly Primary age students.

Jellybeans Music aims to provide the highest quality, cost effective music education to Primary School students. Since 2008 we have led the way with our curriculum focused programs of over 250 pieces across all year groups.

Jellybeans’ is curriculum based incorporating key musical elements and skills. Lessons can be tailored to each group and are led by a skilled music teacher, passionate about teaching music. After one term children who participate in Jellybeans will be able to perform, as a group, two pieces of Jellybeans music.

If you have an enquiry about our programmes or offerings, please call us today to find out more or check out our website.