Independent Living Service

Information about disability made easier

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The Independent Living Service Inc. (ILS) has been supporting families experiencing disability with information and advice since 1981. We were formerly known as the Disability Resource Centre, Auckland Inc. until November 2012.

Based in Royal Oak, Auckland on a site shared with other disability support organisations, we are a “first stop shop” to support you with information about disability and support options. Whether you know what you’re looking for (or don’t know) we can direct you to support services in your local area, guide you on how to access Government-funded disability support services or find community support in your local area.

Our product solutions may help create more opportunities for independence for you and your family.

Our Information Consultants will listen to your concerns and provide you with a range of options for you to make informed decisions about what will work best for you and your family.

Who are we

The Independent Living Service is a not-for-profit, community focused organisation providing professional, unbiased information and advice to Auckland families experiencing the impact of impairment.

We hold a regional, Ministry of Health contract to provide generic disability information and advice across the Auckland region. We do this through our hub in Royal Oak and ILS Mobile that takes information and equipment into local communities.

ILS is a member of the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres.

Our information consultants have lived experience of disability with empathy and understanding of the challenges impairment can have in a person’s life.

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How we can help

We seek to make daily living easier for families impacted by impairment. The information we provide is current and up to date. Visit our website or contact our Information Consultants who are only too willing to assist you.
If you’re looking for assistive products check out our online shop which lists products with a description, image and price.

We welcome your enquiry in person, by phone, email or visit our website. We look forward to working with you to make daily living easier for you and your family.