Ihub sKids – Sommerville Intermediate

About Us

We are a family of families dedicated to growing AWESOME kiwi kids. We offer big opportunities and fun times to 10 – 13 aged school children at our Skids centres across New Zealand. We consider it a great privilege to support parents, schools and communities.

Our staff, many of whom have backgrounds in education or long careers working with children, complete a specialised training programme and are police vetted.


We know hanging out with mates and having fun matters to this age group, so at the iHub they get the opportunity to chill out and initiate their own fun/activities. We also know they are at an age where giving new things ‘a go’ is important too because the experience may trigger a passion to last a lifetime!

So, at the iHub, we open doors to big opportunities. Whether its exploring the outdoors, embarking on a new hobby and supporting the community through the William Pike Challenge Award, or competing in NZ Nationals cooking competition – opportunity always knocks at the iHub!

There will always be new opportunities on offer at the iHub as new short courses pop up over the year. Whether that be Robotics, Cake Decorating, Creative Writing, or Financial Literacy, it’s fun time ahead.

William Pike Challenge Award

sKids has recently partnered with motivational speaker William Pike and the William Pike Challenge Award to bring th​is youth development programme to our children.

The WPCA empowers educators with support and resources to grow resilient, capable & connected youth that positively contribute to their communities. This unique programme believes in young people embracing new challenges and engaging with their community and has a vision to grow a world of explorers.

Our big focus is on the ‘tweens’, the 11-13 year olds who currently fall between childhood and teenagehood and the WPCA is another great way to give these kids different pathways to success.

Please note that not every sKids Centre is able to provide this service. Please enquire with your local sKids Centre.

Physical environment

Most of our programmes are offered onsite in the familiar and safe surrounding of the child’s school.


Our environment is vibrant and fun, where safety is our number 1 priority. Kids participate in adventurous, creative activities and good old-fashioned play.

Check out our website to find your nearest iHub to you.