A supportive environment with your child the focus

Home2Grow lady with kids.jpgHome2Grow is a well-established in-home childcare and education service. We bring passion to what we do and believe that all children are entitled to the very best. Families benefit from the knowledge we bring and the support we provide.

All of our Programme Coordinators are fully qualified and experienced early childhood teachers.They support our carefully selected in-home educators provide high quality care and education for each child.

This is done through monthly visits to each child’s place of care and observing each child and educator. This provides regular progress assessments and enhanced educational opportunities for your child.

Following the Te Whariki New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, personalized care and education is delivered through our Home2Grow Educators who:

  • Have appropriate knowledge of childcare and education of children aged 0-5yrs
  • Have early childhood education qualifications or must undertake an early childhood education training course, if no childcare qualifications are held
  • Follow the education programme set out by Home2Grow
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Always meet the requirement of the child-adult ratio – no more than 4 children at the educator’s home. The ratio is 1 adult to 4 children with no more than two children under 2 years

Learning through observation & action

Home2Grow Picture 1.jpgA bucket of water is made up of many drops of water. In the same way, a child acquires knowledge and becomes who they are. We strongly believe that dispositional learning is taught through actions.

A child learns persistence, through seeing persistence. They learn empathy through receiving it and being able to impart it.

So it is with our service we impart helpful achievable ways for the caregivers to teach the children entrusted to them. For example, reading is a skill that can be taught through being read to.

Did you know that if a child starts school having had 1000 books read to them, just one a day from the day they are born to school day, they have this vocabulary in their head ready to build on and expand their knowledge?

We validate what our educators are doing and empower them through education. When validated the educators become excited about what they can provide and how effective their teaching is in the life of your child. Their motivation translates into an exciting learning environment for your child. Our stories highlight the learning achieved each month and the educators are encouraged through this recognition.

Achieving the “Right Fit”

Once you have contacted us, one of our Programme Coordinators will arrange a time to visit you at your home. This allows the Programme Coordinator to become familiar with your family and understand your interests, values and aspirations for your child.

It is our goal to make this engagement authentic and empowering for your family. We focus on how your child interacts with people, places and things in a familiar context. Despite being a ‘snapshot in time’ the information gather