Healyx Psychology

About Us

Healyx Psychology is owned and operated by Stephen, a registered psychologist with the NZ psychologists Board and a member of the NZ Psychological Society.

He has been working across the education and school sector for over 30 years, working as a teacher, SENCO and RTLB. He has worked as a registered psychologist in schools, and with children and young people and their families in their homes.

Stephen has set up Healyx Psychology to work alongside children and families and to provide support for the many challenges they face in today’s world.

Working together

Healyx Psychology will provide an assessment and reporting service to help identify key learning, social and behavioural issues that may be impacting on your child and their progress and development.

Working directly with your child or with you as parents. We can also link with any other professionals and therapists working with you.

Physical environment

Stephen works across Auckland and Hamilton and Tauranga. Having the option of having sessions in local settings or in your home making it a more relaxed atmosphere.


Stephen is welcoming, accepting and understanding. He will listen to you and learn from you to gain an understanding of the challenges you face so he can then then offer a personalised service as a psychologist.

To find out more about how we can help contact Stephen for a confidential chat.