Health-I Care

 About Us 

Dr. Wan has been working with children since 1995, particularly in the area of General Practice. He has three children of his own and an understanding of the health concerns parents and families face.

Looking at the cause and overall picture

Our health professionals share the philosophy of treating the cause rather than the symptoms, where possible. We try to listen first. Our collective knowledge allows us to manage a very wide range of medical problems, including any accidents.

Health-i care is far more than a place to go when your child is feeling unwell and needing a quick cure. The health professional that sees your child has gone through extensive medical training to help children of all ages with a range of physical and emotional difficulties.

We are very mindful of the effects that stress and unhappy life events have on physical health and know when to suggest a therapy other than medication. As GPs, we are at the centre of the healthcare hub and are aware of services and expertise that are available locally and further afield.

At Health-i care, we believe that your child’s health begins at home and wish to ensure that your child is nurtured as much as possible so that they can resist infection or disease.

Minor accident care

We offer a range of services and can help with most minor accidents. If we are not able to deal with an injury, you and your child will be referred on to the appropriate service.

Minor skin surgery

We provide fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include ingrown toenail surgery and cosmetic work such as removal of benign moles and skin tags.

Liquid nitrogen is a fast, effective treatment that we use to treat viral warts, sun damaged skin, skin tags and many benign cosmetic lesions. It is usually applied by swab or spray and often one treatment is all that is needed. These conditions do not need to be referred to a hospital and can save you a long wait.


One of the most important services we provide is immunisations for your child, which are free to babies, children, adolescents. Your child will have their own document to keep a record of these injections and the National Immunisation Register will alert you when immunisations are due.

Additional vaccines are provided free of charge for certain eligible groups considered to be at high risk because of other medical conditions. These and other vaccines such as travel vaccines can also be purchased.

Well Child/Tamariki Ora Health Checks – Birth to Three Years

All New Zealand children are entitled to 11 free health checks from birth to three years. These checks aim to ensure that your child is growing and developing as well as possible. Included in the checks are clinical assessment, health education and family/whanau support.

Between the ages of 4-6 weeks and three years, there are seven core health checks available. Typically these are around 4-6 weeks, 8-10 weeks, 3-4 months, 5-7 months, 9-12 months, 15-18 months and 2-3 years.

Where to find us

Our Glenfield medical practice is located at Shop 2, 575 Glenfield Road (near Wairau Road), on the North Shore. You and your child can expect a warm welcome and toys to keep your child occupied. There is wheelchair access and we try to accommodate any special requirements for your family, where practical.

We welcome your suggestions. Our medical practice is cosy, providing the opportunity for a good exchange of ideas between staff and patients alike. We further extend our practice beyond the physical, with a health portal providing free access to medical staff. It is secure and convenient, operating beyond the 9-5, Monday to Friday clinic hours.

Call in and meet the friendly staff at health-i care to discuss how they can help you and your child.