Hart Taekwon-Do

About Us

Hart TKD is named after the Head Instructors Debbie & Barry Hart. Our motto 'our heart's in it' shows we have a huge amount of love and passion for this sport both for the way it has improved our families lives and now how we can help change the lives of our students.

Debbie Hart is a 4th Degree Blackbelt with over 5 years’ experience teaching children. Barry Hart is a 2nd Degree Blackbelt with over 4 years’ experience teaching children.

We are Accredited Protect Self Defence Trainers (Level 1), to teach their method of reality-based self-defence, and we believe self-defence starts (and hopefully ends) well before physical confrontation occurs.

Our instructors are all qualified by International Taekwon-Do. Our requirements include holding a current first aid certificate and attending regular instructors’ courses.

Our Classes 

Whether learning a Martial Art for self-defence, a new hobby, competitions, grading success, general confidence, combating peer pressure, fitness, flexibility, strength, improved motor body co-ordination, or improved concentration in scholastic activities; we believe Taekwon-Do will provide for the individual student’s needs.

Classes are extremely varied because the art of International Taekwon-Do has so much to learn and keep you interested. There are several activities that you will do regularly to improve fitness and develop your skills. Classes usually begin with a light warm up to loosen the joints, followed by a physical warm up designed to work your cardio-vascular system, and improve your strength, power and speed.

After a short drinks break, class progresses into skill development. Often this will involve performing techniques to pads to develop power, accuracy, co-ordination, agility and balance. We may perform fundamental movements and patterns, which help improve stamina, balance and power. Other activities include various sparring drills, self-defence training, and exercises with partners.

Our classes conclude with stretching to improve flexibility and warm down the body. Stretches work through the body particularly from the lower back and right through the legs.

Hart Taekwon-Do is excited to introduce TKD KUBZ, a new, unique programme for New Zealand.

It is a fun filled safety-first children’s programme for 3-6 year olds, using Martial Arts philosophy, inspiring great behaviour, teaching social interaction and so much more!

The programme was developed by Master Mark Hutton from Scotland, and focuses on pre-schoolers. Reinforcing the positive behaviours you teach at home.

TKD Kubz uses simple drills to teach skills like how we “build a more peaceful world” by simply smiling and shaking hands, as well as the essential skills of:

  • Child protection against adults, known and unknown
  • Dealing with aggressive children and bullying, verbal and non-verbal
  • Health and fitness – the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • The benefits of working together and the fun of sharing

Our physical environment

We are based at
Henderson Intermediate
School Gym, 70 Lincoln Road, Henderson

Entrance is off Fairdene Ave by the driveway lights. Going down the long driveway and turning right at the end will leave you right outside the gym where we train.

Kubz classes are at:

Rampage Community Hub
Westfield Westcity
(Along from the Hollywood Bakery)

There is plenty of parking at both venues.


We're all friendly here. From a nice atmosphere in the club, to regular club dinners, to national events, you'll find HART Taekwon-Do Henderson to be one of the nicest martial art environments in West Auckland Family orientated club.

In today’s world of sedentary jobs and life-styles, it’s essential that we do what we can to remain fit and healthy. The New Zealand government recommends 30+ minutes of physical activity per day, and Hart TKD can help you get exercise while you learn useful skills and have a load of fun!

Call us today to find out more or to book for a free trial session!
We look forward to meeting you.