Growing Minds

Growing great adults of the future

“Growing Minds” begins with the end in mind. If you want your child to demonstrate in their later years:

  • Strong communication skills
  • A sense of community
  • An appreciation for right and wrong
  • Compassion, empathy, resilience
  • Burning desire to learn and explore

These skills must be developed at an early age.

As a centre we draw not only on our experience as qualified Early Childhood Educators but also teaching the “big kids” at secondary school. With a ratio of teachers higher than required by the Ministry of Education, we really do understand the journey to adulthood and the critical role the first 6 years play.

That is why we work with parents, teachers, whanau and Early Childhood Education experts to implement programmes to help your child not only have a great time but develop the necessary skills for the ever changing world they face.

Our learning programmes

Kea Room (0 – 2 years)

The Infant programme is geared to meet the physical and emotional needs of infants in a fun, secure and calm environment. Consistency of educators is important and remains constant each day.

As your child transitions from crawler to toddler, self-discovery is supported by activities which facilitate expression through sound and experimentation with colours and shapes. Social skills are developed through play with fellow children. We also help train and support your child to use the toilet.

Kiwi Room (2 – 4 years)

Children of this age have a rich imagination and love to engage in fantasy play. They are capable of detailed conversations, co-operate and play well with others, have a longer attention span and improved memory.

Our Kiwi Room delivers a stimulating programme for children of this age. The room is equipped with lots of art/craft, puzzles and books. In recognition of their love of rhythm and physical exercise, music and outdoor play are daily activities. Your child is given an opportunity to sleep or alternatively rest after lunch each day and continuity of carers remains consistent each day.

Tui Room (4 – 5 years)

The transition for school is an important stage for pre-schoolers and our quality “Ready 4 School” programme nurtures a learning environment with exciting activities to meet each child’s cognitive, physical and emotive development in readiness for lifelong learning.

Under the trained watchful eyes of our teachers, the programme delivers a focus of self-expression through music, arts, dramatic play and discovery through outdoor and indoor play. We have a big focus on science, literacy and technology (take a tour of our latest technology available for your child). We also plan school classroom visits as familiarisation exercises.

A “home away from home” environment

No matter what stage your child is at, they will feel “at home”. Our focus on respectful family values within our multi-cultural environment encourages your child to feel safe, secure and nurtured.

We provide nutritious home cooked meals prepared on site. We balance your child’s need for rest and activity, safety and opportunity to explore, support and independence - Growing Minds takes a holistic approach to your child’s development.

We welcome your inquiry to join our family.