Groovit Hip Hop Dance School

About Us

Groovit started in 2006 with just 2 small classes and has grown to be a popular and well-respected dance school. We offer a variety of classes, catering for a wide range of age groups and abilities.

Our instructors are dedicated and qualified with a wealth of experience competing at all levels. Two of our instructors are from IDCO. Our younger instructors who have started with Groovit, have been mentored and gone on to teach classes.

Check out our website for more information about our amazing staff.

How you help children

Music & dance is a good way for children & teens to express themselves. It helps with motor skills & memory recall as they learn routines. We have lots of students who have done our classes and notice a change in their confidence that they didn’t necessary have before, which is why we love doing what we do.

During class time the Students will sometimes play a game to help built relationships with the other students in their class.

Our first term consists of Students learning a routine that we put onto DVDs.

Term 2 is preparing for our Mid-Year Show. Term 3 we have workshops for approximately 3 weeks then start on routines for our End of Year Show. Term 4 is spent finishing routines for our show as well as doing a Mega Crew Routine for those who want to be part of it.

Physical environment

We have a spacious dance studio which we also hire out for Birthdays/Parties/Exercise. There is limited parking at the door but lots of front road parking. There is a little kitchen and toilets facilities available.


Communication with our parents is a high priority for us. We always keep our parents informed with upcoming events and any questions or queries sent via our website are answered quickly. There is always a friendly atmosphere at Music and Dance. We like to see our students become confident young people.

We often have a waiting list of eager students hoping to join the exclusive classes so if you have any questions contact the team now!