Glenpark Childcare Centre

About Us

Glenpark is owned and operated by Diane Saunders who has 25 years’ experience in ECE. She completed her training in 1991 and holds a Diploma of Teaching.

Diane also holds an Early Childhood Education Managers Certificate. Her team of teachers are fully qualified, professional and nurturing to all the children in their care. The team is committed to ongoing professional development to ensure quality in all aspects of the important role of teaching.

Glenpark takes pride in low staff turnover and excellent relationships with their children and families. All the staff are passionate and dedicated to your child’s growth and happiness and aim to make each day a fun filled learning experience for everyone.

How we help children

Children quickly settle in to Glenpark as it becomes their ‘home away from home’.

Teachers offer a place where children develop a sense of belonging, confidence in communicating and experience fun and enjoyment to explore the many activities and resources the centre has to offer.

We strive to provide our children with a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn, play and interact with one another. Our children love exploring nature, and our 'family backyard feel' playground is simply the best place to grow, learn and develop.

A wide range of activities and resources designed to challenge young children's sense of self. Our trained and qualified teachers develop their programmes using the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki. Our program is an ongoing one covering all aspects of child development. We encourage creative play through dough, collage, blocks, family play, books and outdoor play.

There are also structured times when the fundamentals of writing, recognition of shapes, colours, numbers, letters and pre-reading skills will be taught according to the child’s age and stage of development. We always aim to implement the curriculum and assessment practices in a way that reflects the holistic way children learn.

Our dedicated cook prepares lunches each day. On most days these are cooked lunches. Our staff will tell you exactly how much your child has had to eat each day so this helps make life easier for you at dinner time.

Our physical environment

Glenpark is centrally located just 5 minutes from the Harbour Bridge. We occupy a large house that has been converted to a childcare centre which enhances our friendly family atmosphere.

We also take pride in our extensive "Kiwi" backyard, shaded by large trees. This area has been developed into an attractive play area - containing a sandpit, Wendy House, swings, slides, bikes, obstacle courses, monkey bars, and commando ropes.

Our inside environment is set up to provoke and inspire children to actively participate in all our activities. You can check out some photos of our environment on our website


Children are well known to the staff. Respectful interactions between teachers, children and their families provide a caring and nurturing environment. Children learn to socialise and make friends. They play cooperatively and develop trusting relationships.

Our centre atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, where individuality is acknowledged and supported as we work with children on their learning journey.

Glenpark has being delivering quality childcare and education to families for over 40 years on the North Shore. Call us today to arrange a visit to see the difference.