For Eyes Optometrists

For Eyes specialises in helping children having trouble with reading, dyslexia, eye strain, Meares Irlen syndrome and headaches. Optometrist -Matthew Whittington- has searched for these answers over his career. This has culminated in a quite unique, fun childrens' eye test (normally takes an hour). By the end of this examination it will be obvious to you and your child what he can do to help them be a better and more comfortable reader.

Our own children have benefited substantially from revolutionary advances in lens design.

We are Matthew and Molly Whittington. Together we run an optometry practice in the family-friendly country setting of Kumeu, only 20 minutes from central Auckland, and 40 minutes from Auckland Airport. Our specialisation in lenses that help with dyslexia and colour blindness has evolved from personal experience.

Our Story

We have four children three of whom were late readers. Matthew suffers from Visual Stress/Irlen syndrome and gets headaches/migraines from reading. Molly, has worn glasses since she was just seven years-old.

This personal experience has made us appreciate the very subtle symptoms and treatment of reading disabilities in children.

We have over 20 years of experience and are committed to helping children with reading difficulties and dyslexia by employing leading-edge scientific advances on optometry intervention.

Today we have people seeking help with both reading debilities and colour blindness coming to see us from all over NZ.

Molly Whittington
Optometrist and founder of For Eyes 

Molly’s special area of interest and expertise is colour vision. In 2008 she presented a paper on the correction of colour vision deficiency at the ADONZ summit.

Matthew Whittington
Optometrist and founder of For Eyes 

In addition to a Bachelor of optometry degree, Matthew has a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and a Certificate in Ocular Pharmacology (University of Auckland).

His special interest and expertise is in the use of specific lens tints to treat reading problems, dyslexia and migraines.