Football for Children New Zealand

About Us

Football For Children New Zealand was founded by Sander Waterland, from The Netherlands and Rudy Mozr from Czech Republic who moved here at the end of 2014.

They coached the highest level of youth in Czech Republic and the Netherlands, and have more than 5 years of experience coaching in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Our staff have the highest football coaching degrees with some having teaching degrees.

We have quite a few NZ coaches as well with one being a Futsal White (New Zealand indoor football) National Team Player.

We also have development coaches doing their internship with us from The Universities in Auckland.

How you help children

Football For Children offers a range of programs that cater for children of all abilities including first time players and children with physical and learning disabilities right up to children playing and wanting to play in Junior representative sides. We focus on delivering high quality coaching for children in primary schools from Year 0/1 to Year 7/8. We bring inflatable football fields to Schools which keeps the ball in play and will improve the amount of touches and ball contact during the small sided games.

Our typical session is split into two parts. For the first part, we play small sided matches in our inflatable football fields. During the second half of the programme everyone has a ball and we develop their skills using fun bases games.

We also focus on the social part and think it’s very important for children to develop their social skills, interact with other children and make new friends.

Physical environment

We run our programs at roughly 25-30 schools in the Auckland regions and districts each term, and we are constantly growing.

All our programmes are run either at school grounds or parks where there is plenty of parking and toilet facilities.


Communication with parents and caregivers is a high priority with us.

We always strive to make it easy for children to attend our programs, for example, if children need to be picked up from the class room we can pick them up and bring them to the field at the school. We also work together with after school care so those children can be part of our programmes as well.

Feel free to contact with any queries or questions you may have regarding which program may best suit your child or children on (027 303 2035) or