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We put the love into learning

Client Photos/DSCF3967(copy).jpgThis research recommends strong attachments to one alternative carer who provides a secure base and a safe haven where anxiety and stress levels are reduced for both child and parents.

Relationships with child’s peers are intimate and meaningful, rather than transitional.

A calmer play environment allows for meaningful engagement and improved learning outcomes.

Smaller groups provide multi-age learning where the Care Educator has time to comfort, soothe and delight in each child at their stage of development, while creating learning opportunities for extension and skill acquisition.

Client Photos/IMG_2284(copy)fgi v2.jpgFGI Registered Lead Teachers train, support and mentor Care Educators to provide a learning programme for each child. Children’s own needs and routines are identified and met, rather than the group’s needs as in institutionalised centre settings.

Starting in a formal school-like setting at age 0 as a member of a managed group and remaining within the same four walls until age 5 is not the type of early childhood education experience that FGI advocates.

Children in home-based ECE venture out to parks; music; library; playgroups etc. to enjoy the same experiences parents would provide if they could. The children are not aware they are “in care”, meaning separation anxiety is reduced and learning flows in a natural way in this safe, friendly, stimulating environment which feels to them like an extension of their family.

Client Photos/IMG_2070b(copy).jpgCare Educators are carefully selected, widely vetted, trained and provided with on-going professional development, guidance and mentoring by a team of registered teachers who, between them, have over 150 years in early childhood education.

The quality of care and education FGI provides is evidenced in their consistently positive Education Review Office (ERO) reports and the Ministry of Education’s authorisation to launch additional networks.

We believe, and current research indicates, that home-based childcare promotes superior social, emotional and educational outcomes.