Everything But The Stork

Jayne Eddington, Director of EBTS

With 22 years experience working with children, Jayne Eddington, the director of Everything But The Stork, views sleeping under the umbrella of health.

Her primary goal is to ensure that each child is respected and has their physical and emotional needs met throughout the entire process of sleep re-educating. This guarantees that the child stays emotionally connected to their parents and that the trust is not lost in the process of establishing good sleep habits.

Instinct, Intuition & Experience

You can trust our instinct, intuition and experience. We listen to the situation and offer guidance and support for moving forward and establishing great sleeping habits. We find the prime factors that get in the way of sleeping and provide clear and concise direction to solve these issues. Our intention is that each child will remain connected to the adult who is helping them, and that at all times the parents and the child are at a manageable level of “being uncomfortable” with the process, since change is not always welcomed by small people. However, if done with love and compassion, it is not such a traumatic experience.

Calm and Confident

Every family is different; each with its own challenges and we use this knowledge to adapt to everyone’s needs. While we bring experience in from the outside, we take extra care to listen to your unique circumstances.

We want you to feel heard, appreciated and assured of the fact that you can deal with your specific issues, with our support helping you alongside to get the results that you want.

In Home and Telephone Consultations

These are arranged as a package of an initial consult, followed by a written report of what was discussed. After this are a two further follow up calls for questions to be answered or necessary changes to be made.

You Have Our Support

We believe in a holistic approach that is continually evolving, as there will always be surprises. We love tackling challenges and look forward to working with you to resolve them.

EBTS offers a no nonsense, compassionate but straight talking service of supporting families to get more sleep with as little upset as possible.