Equip Mental Health Services

About Us

Running for over 25 years, Equip was started as a response to need in the community. When the large institutions closed down many Trusts such as Equip were born and Equip provides support to people of all ages who experience major mental health issues.

How Did We Begin?

banner_need editEquip started in 1991 (formerly as Te Ara Hou Trust) as a direct response to need in the community. At the time the big mental health Institutions were closing down and many people were being returned to the community with no home to live in.

Equip over time secured housing and then grew and transitioned the services to mobile ones as well as diversified into a number of adult and older adult services.

More recently, Equip has had staff train and deliver the Supporting Parents Healthy Children (formerly COPMIA) programme. COPMIA can be provided in a group setting or on a one to one basis. Currently, our staff are supporting young people at two colleges. Our three trained staff who deliver COPMIA have professional qualifications and years of experience. One is a Social Worker, one a psychologist and one is a former teacher.

How Can We Help?

banner_believeChildren often have little or no understanding of mental health issues, and those who live with a family member who is experiencing mental health issues may not have any support through what is going on in the home.

Our team can help a child understand the issues at hand and develop skills to flourish in the environment they are living in.

Our Premises

banner_empowerWe provided a child friendly welcoming environment if children come to Equip.

We are also happy to meet with children wherever is most suitable for them. Our team is mobile and can come to you. If you come to our Headquarters, 550 East Coast Road, there is ample off street parking.

Warm and Welcoming - we come to you, where you feel comfortable!