About Joëlle

Joëlle Smaniotto-Gorton is a registered Classical Homeopath, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and founder of Equilibrium with more than 14 years’ experience working with children and adults.

Born and raised in France, where homeopathy flourishes, Joelle has received this much respected and proven treatment from childhood. However, it was not until she started practising herself that she discovered how powerful and life changing this practice could be.

Joelle gained a Master’s degree in Languages and International Business Studies and went on to work in Asia for 17 years.

While there, she was introduced to Chinese Medicine and ‘energy’ work by Doctor Kong and Madame Ye Ti Lin respectively. In 2004, Joelle enrolled in a 4-year homeopathic course in Auckland, graduating with high academic distinction. She is a registered homeopath with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths and affiliated to the Brain Injured Children Trust. Joelle also has a degree in Natural Medicine adding Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism to her treatment.

Joelle works with all conditions with special interests in anxiety, grief, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem and with special needs and brain injured children. Joelle combines all her modalities (homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine and ‘energy’ work) within her treatments.

With her own personal story, which can be read here, her philosophy is to keep hoping, keep smiling and try to focus on what your child can do instead of cannot do… yet and don’t allow fear to ruin your life!

How you help children

At the initial consultation, Joelle will ask you to describe symptoms of your child’s condition and how it affects them. Family history will be discussed as well as past and present illness, emotional difficulties, individual sensitivities, your emotional state during pregnancy and the birth of your child.

Joelle will take notes during the consultation, which will be treated in confidence.

It is important that you are as open as possible as it will help the homeopath. For the first appointment allow one and a half hour, and 30 minutes later. Treatment time varies for each individual and disease; chronic diseases usually taking longer than acute.

Because Homeopathy works on a different level from orthodox medicine, you do not need to discontinue using your allopathic pills.

Physical environment

There are two clinics. Thursdays, we are at Stillpoint Osteopathic Medicine Centre, 95 Mountain Road, Mt Eden. All other days we are based at 138 St Andrews Road, Epsom.

There is ample parking at both clinics.


Joelle has personal experience and understanding of children with special needs and how to face up to the challenges this presents.

You are welcome to experience the peace and quiet of our complimentary clinic and toys for the children are available.

All patient information is held in strict confidence.

Joelle looks forward to meeting you. For you personalised classical homeopathic appointment, contact her today on (021 854 921)  or email direct to joelle.gorton@gmail.com