About Us

Enrich+ have been working with people with disabilities in the Waikato since 1990. In 2013 we recognised the need for specialised services for children, teenagers and youth with high functioning autism and launched our Enrich+ Spectrum Energy services in 2014. Our autism services are led by Karen Sluter with a variety of facilitators in the team that have 26 years combined working with children, teenagers and youth with autism.

Social and communication development groups

Guaranteed fun for kids with autism, asperger’s or general social difficulties during term time. Our specially developed programme of games and activities helps your child make new friends and grow in confidence. A great environment where great social skills are learned.

Our groups use discussions, games and activities for children and teenagers to develop social and communication skills.

Sessions are tailored to cater for the individuals that attend, taking into consideration their unique sensory, social and developmental needs.

Typically, the first part of sessions are structured activity based on a theme, such as understanding anxiety and anger, learning how to make friends, how to manage bullying situations and learning how to greet new people. Second part of the sessions are a chance for attendees to socialise and put learnings into practice with the guidance of our facilitators

In the learning environment

Students with autism can require specialised support to achieve successful outcomes at school. We design a customised programme of support working alongside the student and their school.

Our team work with principals, teachers and whānau to create the best possible learning environment and experience for students, aiming for greater success for the child in the educational setting and increased confidence.

We can support students and the school through teacher training, goal setting, support in IEP meetings, developing strategies, 1:1 work, observations, support with socialising and transitions as well as professional development training.

School Holiday Programmes

Most school holiday programmes don’t cater for kids with autism, asperger’s or general social difficulties. We developed our own so your child doesn’t have to miss out. Holidays+ offers great activities, trips and experiences in the community. Your child will build greater confidence, social and communication skills. Most of all, they’ll have fun!

Coaching and mentoring

1:1 Mentoring is an opportunity for teenagers and youth to work with a specialist trained staff member who will help them to keep on track with life goals. Our sessions aim to give people the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to reach future goals independently. From support to managing time and organisation, reducing anxiety, learning more about autism, learning to drive, gaining some independent skills before taking on a new flat to job and study options, the individual sets the goals and we help to achieve them.

We also have options for parents/family members and can provide more intensive behaviour support if required.

Transition from school

Teenagers on the autism spectrum or have a disability and in their last year of school or tertiary education, can be supported transitioning into the next phase of their life. Exploring what is available to them once they leave school, such as further education, options towards employment or living and future flatting arrangements. Together with the teen, their whānau and school we create a transition plan designed around personal goals and aspirations.

Physical environment

Our groups run in Hamilton and Tauranga, with great facilities that are accessible to all. We’re located in the Hamilton CBD with 2 hours free parking in the area. Our Tauranga groups are at the Arataki Community Centre with plenty of parking spaces.


We are committed to making sure that the children, teens and youth that we support, as well as their whānau feel secure, safe and have all their questions answered at our initial meetings. We use a buddy system in our groups and families are more than welcome to stay during group sessions and have formed their own natural supports.

You child deserves 'a life like any other’. Our specialist staff will create a unique plan for your child and your family. We’ll be at your side every step of the way, helping to develop the skills and abilities you want and need. Get in touch with us today to find out more.