Educational Psychology

Supporting your child's learning and psychological needs

Ruth and Alison are experienced, NZ registered educational psychologists. They offer assessment services for anyone (child 2yrs + to adult) who has concerns or difficulties with their development, learning, academic performance, friendships and social relationships, or their feelings, moods or behaviour. They can also assist if Special Assessment Conditions for exams are needed.

Ruth Crawford, Educational Psychologist
Dip Tchg., MA (Ed)(Hon), PgDip EdPsych.

Client Photos/Ruth 001small.jpgRuth has been working with children and young people for over 30 years, the first 20 years as a teacher. Now Ruth consults privately as an educational psychologist with a special interest in gifted and talented children, especially those who are twice exceptional.

Ruth works with a broad range of children and families to assist with learning, behavioural and social needs. Ruth also provides services for Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour teams (RTLBs) assessing a wide range of children with academic and behavioural needs, which includes liaising with different support organisations.

Alison Kirby, Educational Psychologist
MA (Ed)(Hons), PgDipEdPsych, NZCpN

Alison has been in private practice as an educational psychologist for over 15 years.

As a former Comprehensive Registered Nurse working in paediatrics, neo-natal and adult ICU both in NZ and the UK, Alison has a special interest in children and young people experiencing chronic health related issues.

Alison has helped a wide range of children and families; from those who have learning and developmental difficulties or learn differently, to those with special abilities and talents.

She has also helped parents struggling with how to parent when the regular ideas don't seem to work well

What we do

Getting to know you and your child, or teen, is important. Ruth and Alison may spend many hours with you and your child and will ask for a range of additional information and comment from others at home or school. They may also ask for additional tests such as hearing tests.

As Educational Psychologists, Ruth and Alison use a full range of psychological and educational assessments most of which are licensed for use only by registered psychologists. Your child will be asked to complete a number of activities. These are generally quite different to anything they have done before and unlike those used in schools. These activities are usually fun and engaging for children.

All these pieces of information and observations are then combined to build as full a picture possible of what is happening for you and your child.

Ruth and Alison provide a comprehensive written report with recommendations and a plan for the individual concerned, their family, and school, university or work place. They can also provide follow up or on site feedback and referrals to other professionals or organisations if required.

Their aim is to provide you with a plan that gives you answers, direction and support to be able to move forward independently, confident that in understanding what is going on, you have enough knowledge, skills and support to take it from there.

What you can expect

Most children are aware that they are experiencing some area of difficulty. Introducing the idea of an assessment to your child may be eased by describing the appointment as going along to see someone who might be able to help them.  Children quickly feel comfortable working with Ruth or Alison due to their warm, caring personalities.

You will be asked to come into the assessment office with your child and to talk with Ruth or Alison about your child’s history, your concerns and anything else that you wish to talk about, or to get from the assessment.

To find out more about the assessment process and how we can help,

Please contact either Ruth on (021 685 950) or Alison on (09-5800-448) for a confidential chat