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About Christine

ChristineA few years ago, our friend, Tony, identified me as being dyslexic and took me through the basics of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme. I noticed the difference this was making in my life, so kept going, used the tools and completed the trigger words. I always used to feel different and inferior to others and knew I had to work hard. Being able to read has made my life easy. Now I feel equal to anyone and confident enough to attempt any task.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme

I am now a Licensed Facilitator in the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme since 2015, and have been helping children who are struggling at school to overcome their difficulties and function with ease in a literate world.

The programme I use was created by a dyslexic (Ronald D Davis) for dyslexics, over 30 years ago and has a proven 97% success rate, with facilitators in 44 countries around the world.

The programme is individually tailored to the needs and goals of your young person. We work with clay, as a 3D medium, to create models and pictures, utilising the natural talents which your dyslexic young person has for thinking mostly in or with pictures and 3D.

Changing your child’s life through understanding and empathy

The programme is held in my home, in a large separate room used as my office and work space. It is a peaceful and quiet environment.

IMG_5079 (3)At our initial meeting, you and your child will be welcomed and given an understanding of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme. Prior assessment is unnecessary.

I will then gently assess your child and endeavour to communicate with them, listening to their side of the story. I let them know that I am also dyslexic and have successfully completed this very course myself.

I will describe the amazing difference it has made in my life and that I understand and fully accept their frustrations and difficulties. The time commitment is initially six days with me, split into groups of either 3 + 3 days, or 4 + 2 days, over two weeks. Sometimes a programme may take longer to complete, student dependent.

On the last day of the initial programme, I invite you, the parent, to participate in what we have been doing and show you how you can help your child to complete the remainder of the process at home. You will be provided with a full kit of books, DVD, information, manual and everything required for you to understand and finish the process, keeping your child progressing with ease. This is a small weekly time commitment on your part, to complete the remainder of the modelling involved and I am available at all times by phone, to help if needed.

Your young person will come back to me for a further three half days over the next couple of months as they complete the ‘homework’ process.


The young people I work with generally come in with a low self-esteem and leave with their heads held high, knowing that they have the tools and abilities to achieve as well as, if not better than, their peers and the confidence to carry it out.

Would you like help? Come and talk to me – your first consultation is free.



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