Discovery for Teens

About Us

Discovery Foundation has been running life skills and academic courses for young people in NZ for 25 years. Our facilitators are highly trained professionals who use state of the art learning techniques to generate maximum impact.

On our Discovery programmes youths have an amazing, fun time making new friends who they will stay in touch with long after the course. Together they accept who they really are, decide who they want to be and where they want to go.  They find their voice, believe in themselves, set goals and start making their own futures.  Everyone is different, yet we find often your child will come on Discovery, find their voice and comes home as a motivated, more responsible young adult.

We run separate programmes for teens and younger children:

Discovery for Kids is a weekend course designed to support families in having better communication and more fun and to encourage children to reach their full potential at home and school.

The programmes have a ratio of 1:4 which enables us able to accommodate children who have learning difficulties, as well as those who perform well academically.

Some of the outcomes of this programme are:

  • Learning about themselves as learners
  • Specific tools to use in learning at school and at home
  • Simple tools for success
  • Using whole brain techniques
  • Mind-mapping skills
  • Spelling and math techniques
  • Enhanced family relations through better communication
  • Supportive environment that nurtures self-esteem and offers challenges for growth and increased self confidence
  • Raising awareness of the choices we make and their consequences
  • Team Building exercises to develop co-operation and supporting each other’s success


Discovery for Teens is a 7-day residential programme for 14-18 year olds run during term break. One third of the course is academics – study skills and speed reading - with two thirds of the course focusing on life skills.

This programme is also designed to give teens increased confidence and a toolbox of strategies to help them overcome challenges and navigate the difficult teen years. Teens come out with improved self-confidence, motivation and commitment.

The programme is full of activity-based experiences and includes a parent’s day workshop on the final day of the programme.

  • 94% of teens increase self-confidence and courage
  • 96% report an increase in self-motivation
  • 99% record dramatic reading speed improvements
  • 93% report having more self-discipline and commitment
  • 95% of Discovery parents say their teens have lifted their overall attitude towards life


We run programmes in various locations across New Zealand.

Please get in touch with us on (09 376 8267) to find out more about your family participating and experiencing the benefits of Discovery.