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Danks Davis tuition has provided proven literacy success since 1995. Independent registered psychologists using standardised tests before and after tuition have shown remarkable improvements, not only in overall literacy but also in specific areas such as reading instructions and comprehending texts, auditory memory, verbal comprehension and cognitve ability. (See danksdavisdyslexia.co.nz website).

The Danks Davis Dyslexia programme is effective for all ages, including adults.

Zannie Danks Davis, the author of this programme, had dyslexia herself and developed this unique, multisensory approach to address the needs of those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

The programme teaches people with dyslexia in the way that they learn, opening their minds to the world of words. Lessons - individualised literacy tuition

The programme consists of a one-hour lesson, once a week, in a relaxed and friendly environment. Lessons are tailored to your child’s strengths. No homework is necessary. Students love the lessons and leave feeling happy, successful and more confident.

The tutor will always keep you updated on your child’s progress. Before starting lessons with a tutor, your child will have an Initial Consultation. This includes your child being taught how to learn with this programme and having their first lesson to establish the starting level.

You are then able to view a DVD demonstrating what a typical lesson involves and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Danks Davis Dyslexia has tutors throughout New Zealand. For more information please contact:

Initial Consultants

Bev Crosby (Mt.Albert)
Phone: 09 849 5023
Email: bevcrosby@actrix.co.nz

Denise Price (Henderson)
Phone: 09 8381219
Email: deniseannprice@gmail.com

Jeanette Williams (Kaukapakapa)
Phone: 09 416 7854
Mobile: 021 217 1626
Email: jeanettewilliams@ihug.co.nz

Dyslexia - not just a reading problem