About Us

Our dance instructors are highly qualified in the field of dance and have 20 years’ teaching experience, working with preschoolers to adults. Preschool dance is our passion.

Having children of our own and understanding the joy dance can bring to little ones, it would be a pleasure to teach your child in one of the Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop classes we offer. Dancespace's aim is for everyone to enjoy learning to dance, regardless of age or ability.

The success of Dancespace has been in the style in which students are taught, making even the exam classes full of fun, while still getting the best results.

Come and try us out!

Classes are held at our studio in Rosedale. You are welcome to just turn up for any preschool class or fun class for 5-7 year olds – payment is casual for these classes. Enrolment is required for any other class. You are welcome to come and watch any classes your child is involved in - we have a play area to entertain younger siblings and we enjoy our fun, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.

Children between the ages of 5 and 7 usually start in a pre-grade 1 or 2 Tap, Ballet or Jazz class or Hip Hop Bronze.

If you choose for your child to join one of these classes, they will learn an NZAMD (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) syllabus and sit their exam in September. This is not stressful, as your child will take small steps towards being more than ready by then. The 5-7 yr old fun class is a great alternative if you feel your child is not yet ready for an exam class. This is a mix of Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop.

No Pressure!

Please don’t be frustrated if your child does not join in straight away. You would be surprised what they are taking in by just watching. Without pressure but with encouragement, they will soon be participating.

Every term, the music and routines change. Some children find this a little disconcerting but within a couple of weeks, they are feeling more familiar and confident. We like to give out badges as a form of encouragement.

End of year performance

In November or December of each year, Dancespace Preschool puts on a performance involving all of our pupils.

We find the children really enjoy this and the boost in their confidence is incredible.

It is also a great opportunity for extended family and friends to watch them perform.

Dancespace preschool uniform

All pupils are expected to wear the Dancespace leotard - this develops pride in their appearance and a sense of belonging. It also helps with the running of the class - your child knows that they come to Dancespace Preschool for a reason.

All pupils need to wear the Dancespace Preschool leotard; optional extras include the Dancespace Preschool tutu pants, pink ballet shoes, pink ballet tights or pink ballet socks and tap shoes and pink cardigan.

You can either purchase new or second-hand shoes - a great cost saving! Please phone us to assist you with any requirements.

Dancespace shop

We sell leotards, leggings, bike shorts, bootlegs, ballet and tap tights, cross-over cardigans, Dancespace t-shirts, tutu skirts, wrap skirts, ballet, jazz and tap shoes. Even if your child is not a student of Dancespace, you are welcome to purchase any of the items for sale on our website or visit our studio shop in Rosedale. We are open after 3.30pm every day or whenever we have classes, to help with your requirements.

Birthday parties

We have our own Princess! Her name is 'Princess Love Heart'. She dances, paints nails and entertains the children for an hour, on weekends only. Princess Love Heart can entertain your child and their friends in your home or at the dance studio.

Dance Space has New Owners, New Teachers, New Choreography, New Uniform, New Everything! If you haven’t met us yet, come in for a class and see how much fun we have! Contact us on (09 442 2334) or visit our website for more information.