Daehan Taekwondo

About Dahan

Walk into the Dojang and you’ll immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm! The aim of our training is to teach the spirit of TaeKwonDo and how self discipline is essential before learning fancy moves which everyone will envy.

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We offer a very flexible schedule, with at least three instructors to assist you in any class. And there are classes scheduled six days a week, making us one of a very few martial arts schools in all of New Zealand to offer such “round the clock” instruction. Can’t find the time in your hectic day to fit in one of the regular one-hour classes? We also offer PRIVATE, one on one instruction available any time, even weekends. Just call to schedule your personal lesson.

We also have all the equipment from various trainings so that trainees can train whenever and wherever they want. We, DaeHan TaeKwonDo, focus on small group training so the training results are far better than those who have trained in mass numbers.

If you are interested in training, why not start that first step with us? Thank you