Creative Matters

About Us

At Creative Matters, we believe the seed of creativity lives in all of us. Our range of workshops, programmes and do-it-at-home box kits are designed to nurture that creative seed; developing imagination, problem solving skills and confidence. Our vision is to cultivate fun new ways to nurture our student’s sprouting imagination.

Our expanding team of teachers, artists, musicians and designers are passionate about the power of creativity to make life more fun, interesting an fulfilling.

With a 'life is about enjoying the journey’ mentality, the Creative Matters team bring you educational and and achievable ways to bring more creativity into your life

The Creative Matters journey began with founder and Managing Director, Mandy Jakich.

Over her 15 years as a school teacher, Mandy could see that class time creativity was being squeezed out. But Mandy had a strong belief that the world needs more creative people to invent, imagine and think outside the box. As an artist herself, Mandy also felt that creativity is more than just art. It’s about living a fulfilling life and being inspired by the world.

So Mandy spent the next 4 years at Auckland Art Gallery running art programmes for teachers and students. Here, Mandy loved seeing the spark creative education ignited in her students, and wanted to make this available to everyone. And so Creative Matters was born.

A way to bring local, accessible and educational creative inspiration to kids, teens and adults. The vision is not about creating artists, it’s about planting a creative seed and watching it grow. Before long, word of mouth spread and Mandy’s classes were selling out. Teachers were knocking on her door wanting to be involved.

So Mandy’s idea spread across Auckland and Northland with workshops run by a passionate team of artists, designers and musicians all dedicated to the vision of bringing creative inspiration to all.​​

How you help children

At Creative Matters we create secure, nurturing, positive learning environments in which individuals can gain confidence and thrive.

We encourage creative and critical thinking and value the process of exploring, experimenting, creating, and reflecting.

With our passionate and experienced tutors, we give opportunities for children to make connections with others and build positive relationships in a safe, happy environment.

Physical environment

Our workshops are run in schools and community venues and are easily accessible with plenty of parking.

New communities are being targeted most terms as Creative Matters spreads the good arts word around NZ.

We communicate openly with children, parents, and families. Your children will learn and thrive in a warm, positive, calm, nurturing environment. They’ll love it!


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