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Gill Scott (Assessor and Educational Specialist)
BEd (Hons), MEd (Learning Difficulties), PgCert (Specific Learning Difficulties), PgCert (Educational Psychology), NZCER Level C Assessor, Dyslexia Diploma (Dyslexia Action)

Gill originally trained in the UK as a teacher before specialising in the area of learning difficulties and gaining her qualifications.

After working as a specialist teacher and advisor for learning difficulties, she trained with Dyslexia Action and continued to work for them before moving to New Zealand and working for the Ministry of Education in the Learning Support field. Gill recently studied at Massey University for a Post Graduate qualification in Educational Psychology and now runs her own business, making use of her 22 years of specialist teaching and assessment experience.

Gill’s business has developed from a desire to provide a professional, caring and adaptable service which is closely linked to your child’s needs.


Gill’s flexible assessment service offers screening through to full cognitive and educational assessments. The assessments include important aspects of learning such as phonological awareness, phonic knowledge, visual perceptual skills, memory and sequencing, auditory and visual processing and fine and gross motor skills.

Gill is able to identify strengths as well as difficulties and provides support to find the best solutions for your child. Working closely with you and schools, she works on an individual plan, to ensure the best possible interventions are reached.


Your child’s individual programme includes a range of activities and is aimed at actively involving your child in their own progress. They develop skills in a structured and fun environment that enables them to succeed at their own speed and level.

Gill uses a combination of programmes in her tuition:

  • Dyslexia programme from Dyslexia Action
  • The Sonday System TM – a highly multi-sensory and structured literacy programme
  • STEPS – a multi-sensory, structured literacy programme with computer and workbook elements.
  • Gill additionally uses a wide range of other international learning resources depending on the individual needs of your child.


Assessments and tuition sessions usually take place in Gill’s home office / teaching space in Mairangi Bay, North Shore, or alternatively in your child’s school, if this is preferred. Assessments are organised over two sessions where required.

Gill provides a welcoming atmosphere and is very skilled at putting students and families at ease. She is very aware that attending an assessment can be a daunting experience and makes sure to engage with your child and make them feel comfortable.

Gill is happy to meet with you and discuss the options for assessment and/or tutoring for your child, before you make any commitments.



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