Children’s Autism Foundation

About Us

The Children’s Autism Foundation was incorporated as a Charitable Trust in 2003 and with the Charities Commission (CC11460) in October 2007.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and employs highly qualified and experienced professionals for specific programmes, as well as having a team of active volunteers.

Our family-centred programmes are unique among service providers, complementing services provided by other agencies.

The long term goal of our services is for young people to feel included in their community, to have the opportunity to contribute their unique gifts and strengths, and to enjoy a life rich in relationships and caring connections.

For the wider community from parents and carers through to peers, education workers and health professionals , we teach strategies and encourage understanding, awareness and acceptance of autism.

How we assist children

The Children's Autism Foundation provide one-on-one family support, community workshops, social and friendship skills programmes, parenting courses, physical development programmes and professional development for education and health sector workers. A summary of these services are mentioned below.

Outreach – Family Consultants provide one on one support directly to families in their own homes or a consultation room. Parents are provided with information and guidance, particularly helpful when supporting a child through tricky transitions, challenges at home or school or following a recent diagnosis (although a formal diagnosis is not required to receive our services). For younger children, Skills Through Play teaches children valuable lessons about the world, getting along with others and helps develop cognitive skills.

Join In Social and Friendship Skills - Children gain social and friendship skills to better interact at school and in the community while their parents gain knowledge from our experienced team and other parents.

Jumping Beans – Special classes just for children with autism. Activities are designed to develop the children’s physical coordination, social and motor skills.

Clip ‘n Climb – A collaboration with Clip ‘n Climb North Shore means there are regular sessions available just for children with autism. Our Family Consultant Arletta attends these sessions alongside the Clip n’ Climb staff. Children gain confidence, overcoming challenges, and social skills while developing their physical coordination.

Our physical environment

Our main office is located at the Lion Foundation House, Albany. We love the sense of community that exists in this building where we are situated alongside other not for profit organisations in the caring sector. Often people comment on the welcoming space and we accept ‘walk in’ referrals from families wanting to meet us and make a referral to our services.

We also arrange private consultations in the Freemans Bay Community Centre. Our workshops are provided at community halls across Auckland (as well as Northland and the Waikato). They are held in different geographical areas to ensure we are as accessible as possible.

We also provide Outreach in the family home or other chosen locations, again, to make sure our services are accessible and convenient for families.

For more information please call us on (09 415 7406) or visit our website.