Cellfield NZ Ltd

About Us

Here at Cellfield we understand that children who find it difficult to read at school can develop other problems that can affect their behaviour and happiness. By addressing a reading comprehension issue, tackling dyslexia can result in a happier and secure child, as the pressure of keeping up with their classmates is lessened. We are dedicated to helping your child with our programme, combining neuroscience research from the last 30 years and the latest research in brain scanning technology.

What does our programme include?

  • An initial reading assessment
  • 10 X 1-hour daily computer sessions at a Cellfield centre, with 2 weeks of home activities
  • 10 X 1-hour reading fluency training sessions at a Cellfield centre, with 10 weeks of home activities
  • Two progress monitoring reading tests
  • A final written report

Along with all of the above, the Cellfield programme helps to deal with discomfort and tiredness when reading, eye-tracking issues, difficulty sequencing numbers, letters, and words, low phonological awareness and decoding skills, poor fluency and comprehension, frequent loss of place, difficulty with attention, concentration, and retention. Delivered by trained dyslexia specialists, the programme focuses on decoding skills and how they can improve future recognition of unfamiliar words.

Our treatment and intervention programme uses a ‘multi causal' approach which focuses on improving transient vision, attention, and working memory to develop spelling and phonemic awareness.

Enquire today for a free consultation and improve your child’s reading comprehension with us at Cellfield.