Caterpillars To Butterfly’s Childcare

Learn With Love and Love to Learn…

Caterpillars to Butterflys girl picture.jpgThat is our motto. We believe in the values of love and respect for everyone and everything irrespective of age, gender or culture. Our team offers an excess of 50 years experience in childcare and even more in personal experience as Mothers and Grandmothers.

We have a genuine love of children and take great pride in caring for them. All children are loved as our own. In order to develop to their fullest potential, we give your child the opportunity to build trust in themselves and others through loving and respectful relationships with adults and peers.

Your child has the opportunity to play and explore the environment without fear of harm and with the support and guidance of caring adults. We provide an environment where your child and family are able to contribute and receive positive encouragement and support based on family values. At Caterpillars to Butterfly's Childcare Limited we aim to provide a 'home away from home'.

Positive Communication Skills For Life

Children need life skills and social skills in order to become a contributing member of their family and community. We believe communication, i.e. language, is the base for learning life and social skills. This is why our programme follows the Te Whaariki curriculum with an emphasis on the social skills of communication, more specifically language, taking into account children’s individual strengths, needs and developmental stages.

We believe that communication plays a major role in everyone's development. We incorporate the language of Maori and all other cultures relevant to our centre’s families including our babies. Although their physical development may not allow them to speak, they still have the ability to learn the sound of words and store them for future use. During this period sign language comes into play with babies as young as 9 months being able to use it to indicate their interests and needs.

A Stimulating Learning Environment

Caterpillars To Butterfly's Picture 1.jpgWe provide a safe, positive, stimulating learning environment where children will learn through structured and free play, whilst preparing for school and life skills. Children are seen as capable, competent curious and creative Learners.

We offer a well resourced environment where children can create their own learning experiences, operating independently or co-operatively, gaining skills in communication and negotiation as part of a team.

Caterpillars To Butterfly's Picture 2.jpgOur environment is carefully planned with resources and equipment displayed and available so that children can make the maximum use of them.

Our staff are our greatest asset, positively supporting, stimulating, nurturing and where necessary acting as your child’s guide for creativeness.

We welcome your enquiries. Please call us on (09 480 5827) to discuss how we can help with your childcare needs.