Carol-Anne Begbie

Paving the way to help you & your child thrive

Challenges and pressures may produce behavioural, social or emotional problems for you and your child, like anger, sadness, pain, anxiety or distress. By dealing with these challenges in counselling and play therapy sessions (where appropriate), I pave the way for you and your child to go on and thrive.

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I am a mum of two children and have over 20 years experience in counselling children and was at one time a registered social worker.

I have counselled within a variety of settings including schools, mental health and in private practice and have also provided parenting skills training. As an accredited member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, I continue to keep up-to-date with current issues and new developments.

So your child is not ‘themselves’

Growing up is never easy and extraordinary challenges (at least in the eyes of your child) may leave your child angry and lashing out at the world, overly afraid and anxious, or overcome by trauma and feelings of grief. While all of these reactions are normal, if your child is overwhelmed or stuck, behaviour, social skills and learning can be adversely affected.

Getting to the heart of the problem

At the heart of any behavioural, social or emotional problem is an inability to understand and cope with the situation effectively. I offer counselling and therapy to children experiencing a range of social, emotional, or behavioural issues, or who are dealing with change, trauma or loss.

The first step involves “coming to grips” with what is happening and gaining insight. Your child can then either overcome the situation or be taught new strategies to manage their overwhelming emotions caused by a range of issues.

These issues may be:

  • Sadness, pain and distress caused by events such has a loss, change, trauma, parents’ divorce or separation, death, abuse, migration
  • Anxiety around separation, friendship, school, new experiences
  • Anger and strong emotion and how they behave in response to strong emotion
  • Social, Emotional or Behavioural issues and acting out

Alongside helping your child, I also assist you in gaining understanding and insight around what is happening, offering tools or strategies which build both child and family resilience. Together, we pave the way for your child to go on and thrive.

Play therapy - a positive way forward

Play therapy enables me to enter your child’s world and work with them in a space that is familiar and comfortable to them.

Through play therapy your child is able to:

  • Express themselves in a safe and non-threatening space
  • Work through and deal with issues or distress in their life
  • Master skills, learn new skills
  • Gain confidence
  • and Move forward

Your child is given the emotional space needed to place them in a stronger position to work through issues.

Counselling for parents & adults

Parenting children is not an easy task for any family. When life throws additional challenges at you such as parenting step children or children with special needs, marital or relationship breakdowns, blended family situations or some other trauma, grief or loss; it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Making plans

Working together I can help you and your child get back on track again. When we first meet we will talk about your expectations and hopes around seeking counselling or play therapy for your child. In a non-judgmental way I aim to get a detailed picture of what has happened and what you or your child is experiencing.

We then discuss whether counselling or play therapy is the appropriate way to help you or your child. You can voice your concerns, ask questions and I explain the process, confidentiality, rates etc. If you are happy to go ahead, we then schedule session times and I meet and begin working with your child, while building in time for parent sessions or family sessions if appropriate.

The atmosphere at my counselling practice is quiet, comfortable, friendly, accepting and confidential.

If life’s challenges are getting you or your child down, call me on (021 024 96654) for a no-obligation, confidential chat.