Mary Ashby-Green

Mary Ashby-Green - Education Specialist
BA (English & Educational Psychology), Dip Tchg, NLP Master Practitioner

Client Photos/Breakfree Mary picture.JPGAs a former acting school Principal, Deputy Principal, Special Needs Co-ordinator (SeNCO) and teacher, Mary understands the difficulties children face when they don’t fit into the “norm” in formal school settings. Classroom difficulties and frustrations can rapidly become a source for anxiety and inappropriate behaviour which may become ingrained if left unchecked.

Drawing on her experience as a Master Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner, Mary can not only get to the bottom of why your child is struggling at school but can also address the wider emotional problems that your child may be experiencing if feeling disconnected from their classroom and school environment.

Clearing the way to live confidently & learn with ease

As a parent you know when something isn’t quite right:

  • Your once confident child is anxious and withdrawn; or is aggressive and angry
  • While potentially a bright performer, your child struggles to read and write, or
  • Your child is simply unhappy and isolated from friends and peers at school

Pinpointing exactly what is wrong is not always easy. When you take your child to Mary for the first time, a practical assessment and analysis of what is causing your child difficulty is conducted – your child maybe suffering in a number of areas; learning, behavioural and/or emotional.

Once the issues are identified, Mary creates a tailor made solution to meet your child’s specific needs. This may include targeted, research-based remedial programmes designed to address an identified learning need. These programmes work in harmony with your child’s preferred learning style – whether visual, auditory or kinetic. If your child has been struggling for some time (whether they have learning difficulties or not), it is likely that he or she will also hold negative self-beliefs about their abilities and themselves which will need to be addressed.

Using deceptively simple transformation techniques that will seem no more mysterious to your child than having a chat, Mary can help your child identify experiences which have caused feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Mary works to unblock these false perceptions, alter the way your child thinks and behaves – and bring powerful, lasting change. The effects of this change-based work is noticeable almost immediately.

Guidance & support for parents

An inclusive approach ensures that you, your child and Mary all work together to create a happier more resilient child able to get the best out of school – and life. But what about you?

If you have been dealing with a challenging child, it’s easy to get caught in the trigger-reaction dynamic of difficult behaviour. Sometimes it’s a traumatic situation that sets off a pattern of negative behaviour, and other times it’s a pattern of behaviour that snowballs. No matter the cause, you may feel like the demands of parenting is a constant drain on your energy.

Mary has a number of strategies which can help you to achieve ease and confidence in your relationship with your child, and also realise your vision for your family life.

To discuss how Mary may be able to help you or your child, please call her on (09 427 9904) for a confidential chat.



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