Brain Play

About Us

Brain Play is a New Zealand based company, owned, and operated by Bayley Hughes. Bayley has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology, as well as a Certificate in Small Business Management.

Brain Play launched their very first after school coding class in March 2017.

Prior to this we worked hard to create a comprehensive curriculum that would allow kids to experience, and experiment with, technology topics such as coding, robotics, and electronics, in a fun and innovative environment, whilst supplementing and extending the knowledge taught in New Zealand Schools. At the same time Brain Play was lucky enough to secure a permanent location, operating out of a classroom in Albany Junior High School every weekday afternoon.

Bayley works onsite at Albany Junior School every afternoon and also have permanent after-school locations at Hobsonville Point Primary, and Dairy Flat School. We now have a fantastic team of tutors who hold Brain Play classes around the North Shore, and the wider Auckland area.  All our staff are university students who have a passion for both education and technology, and are studying in related fields. We look for tutors who are experienced in caring for, or tutoring children, then put them through Brain Play training to match their teaching and technology skills to their enthusiasm.

Technical Skills and Life Skills

Our classes aim to provide students with not only technical skills such as the ability to programme games, apps, websites, and robots, but we also aim to teach life skills.

Coding helps build students’ problem-solving abilities, computational and logical thinking skills, and ability to collaborate and create.

We run one hour after school classes during term time, and then switch to holiday programmes, and expand our topics to teach online game development, app development, and Minecraft Modding.

Learning should always be about fun and teaching practical concepts that can be used in the real world, we know our students appreciate this approach.

Physical environment

We operate out of a school classroom at Albany Junior High School. There is a large amount of parking available, as well as space outside our room for parents to sit and wait for their child to finish their lesson. We have access to both bathroom and kitchen facilities.


We offer free trials of our after-school classes so parents can come in and see how a regular session would run.

This also gives parents a chance to ask our centre manager any questions they may have, and see how much their child enjoys testing out our coding and robotics activities.

If you’ve never visited our centre before and you’d like to learn more about the courses we offer then register for a free trial by getting in touch with us by emailing calling (0275 096 168) or submitting an online enquiry form.