Bounce School Of Dance

About Us

Jenny has been teaching dance since 1997 and continues to inspire new generations of dancers to achieve excellence and build confidence through their love of dancing.

Qualified with the S.A.D.T.A. (South African Dance Teachers Association), which is an affiliated member of the International Dance Organization; Jenny’s syllabus remains rooted in the Lester Horton curriculum which she was trained in. This is a form of theatre based dancing where exercises are short and specifically targeted to certain muscle groups. This ensures the muscles are exercised and developed over a period of time reducing the risk of injury to students during dance as well as promoting flexibility and strength.

Jenny’s goal over the next 2 years is to develop a unique syllabus specifically designed for Bounce School of dance based on the principles of Lester Horton. Specializing in Hip Hop, Jazz & Contemporary, Jenny has choreographed many productions for schools and danced professionally in South Africa.

Jenny has two of her own children, and understands the immense power which dancing can bring to a child’s life. Dancing is not just about moving around, it is a powerful tool which can encourage and empower our younger generations to overcome, weaknesses - both mentally and physically.

It can challenge kids on a variety of levels without being intimidating.

How we can help your child

We aim to provide a safe learning environment which fosters a healthy relationship between students, parents and teachers. Grounded with a strong belief in proper dance technique which will aid in developing co-ordination, strength and agility.

We strive to cultivate an open and accepting environment in which all students, regardless of their sex or physical appearances, feel comfortable in their decision to choose dance.

We aim to bring out the best in each students dance ability and performance.

Our physical environment

Classes are held in the Auditorium at Stanmore Bay School. It is spacious and there is ample parking inside the school premises after 3:30pm. Our end of year concerts are held in the School’s Auditorium, which gives children the safety of performing in familiar surroundings.


We strive to create a fun and easy going atmosphere – where children can learn and make plenty of friends. We welcome parents to sit and watch the classes with little ones.

As the children get older it is advisable that parents only watch a few lessons a term. We work towards a year end concert – which allows all students to participate and showcase their skills and talents.

Come along to have fun, make new friends and to acquire a better understanding and appreciation of dance!