Aurora Associates

Extensive experience creating better futures

Client Photos/Colin Wrennall(copy)(copy).jpgI aim to develop your child’s capacity for growth and development by establishing more appropriate ways of coping within their environment.

As a counsellor, registered psychotherapist, certified psychodramatist and family therapist with broad experience working with children, adolescents and adults, I have gained extensive experience working with families struggling with:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Mental illness in a family member
  • Breakdowns in relationships
  • Conflicts and warring factions
  • Dealing with separation and divorce
  • Healing from loss and trauma
  • Targeted Purposeful Treatment

Children use play as well as language to communicate their thoughts and feelings so as to enable understanding and growth.The therapeutic work takes place in a space well equipped for this purpose.

Your child is encouraged to explore their inner feelings and communicate how they understand, see and experience their environment.Through careful observation and direct respectful dialogue with your child, patterns that are interfering with healthy development are identified. The underlying meanings of these patterns of behaviour are sought and clarified and new responses developed furthering your child’s ability to cope in their world.

Treatment is purposeful and is targeted through assessment and goal focused processes in both brief intervention situations and long-term therapy.

Therapy can be fun!

Play and art therapy is conducted in a purpose built playroom which enables your child to gradually share their good and bad feelings through play, and come to understand their difficulties.

Older children, who are better able to communicate their thoughts and feelings, are seen in a different environment – but one which still encourages the young person to feel relaxed and safe.

Family is important so your child’s therapy occurs within the context of the family and the wider environment.

To discuss how I may be able to help, please call me on (021 811 126)