Auckland Speech Institute

About Us

Auckland Speech Therapy was founded by the Directors Keaton Daya and his wife Neesha Mistry. Keaton has a Bachelor of Optometry from The University of Auckland while Neesha has a Bachelor of Teaching from The University of Auckland.

While working as an Optometrist around New Zealand, Keaton found that many children had vision problems that were not noticed until later in life and realised how important it is to have children’s vision checked by an Optometrist particularly before they begin school.

Neesha had noticed children at Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres had trouble with their speech and had not yet seen a speech and language therapist.

Together they established Auckland Speech Therapy and have been working together with their experienced Speech and Language Therapist Susan to address these presenting vision and speech difficulties.

Susan who has a Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy from Massey University has been working with children for the past 4 years and has experience working in both New Zealand and Australia with children that have speech delays, language delays, childhood apraxia of speech and other disorders such as lisps and stuttering.

How we help children

If you are unsure if your child requires speech and language therapy, the first step is to book in a Vision and Speech Screening with us to determine if your child is having problems with their vision or difficulties with their speech, especially before they start school.

The Vision and Speech Screening involves testing each eye on the eye chart and the Optometrist records if the vision is reduced compared to your child’s age.

If required, your child will be advised to see their Optometrist for a full eye examination. Your child will then have a Speech and Language Screening by our Speech and Language Therapist. If needed, your child will then be booked in with our Speech and Language Therapist for a Full Assessment.

The Speech and Language Full Assessment is 60 minutes with the Speech- Language Therapist and involves testing with standardised Speech and Language Assessments. The Speech-Language Therapist will then advise the frequency of Speech and Language Therapy visits.

A typical Speech and Language Therapy session is usually 30 minutes and involves therapy using play based techniques with toys, iPad therapy apps and Speech and Language centred books.

Our physical environment

Auckland Speech Therapy premises have a welcoming environment with a large comfortable waiting area for parents with on screen information about Speech and Language Therapy. There is plenty of off street parking.

Our premises are designed so that the child feels comfortable in a home-based setting. Our friendly staff are always available to help with any questions or concerns you have with your child’s speech assessments or therapy.

Feel free to call us with any questions, concerns, or queries. We welcome your enquiry.