Apples At Home Childcare

About Us

IMG_7655Our philosophy at Apples At Home Childcare is to “Grow each individual child through connections to Family, Community and Nature”.  Apples feel it is important to offer our families in our community alternative childcare options, our home based childcare does this by complimenting our centre.

Just A Few of the Benefits…

IMG_7660Apples at Home Childcare is backed by our well established Centre - Apples Childcare and Learning Centre; situated at 3 Poplar Road, Stanmore Bay, Phone (09 424 6003). Having the provision and support of a well established centre with a multitude of experienced, qualified teachers fosters many benefits for all.  This enables knowledge, skills, professional development and adult education to be shared as a whole under the wider Apples Education umbrella.  Our home based educators are able to use the centres equipment and resources for their care children to develop their learning, strengths and interests.

Our educators provide a warm, safe and inviting learning environment for your child, being at home enables them to follow your child's daily routine more closely. Strong, loving and meaningful relationships are built with their care children, with a ratio of 1:4 there is plenty of opportunity for one on one interactions.

  • Children and educators have opportunities for personal informal care within a home environment.
  • Smaller group sizes means planning reflects the children more as individuals and the program and routines are designed to build on each child’s needs, interests and developmental stages.
  • Childcare needs can be more flexible, supporting families who work later than centre closing times for example, work shift work or rostered hours.
  • Children and educators have opportunities for local excursions and participation in regular community events.
  • Children have the benefit of a caring environment without the noise and over stimulation that can accompany a larger centre based environment.
  • Regular written records are taken by the Educators, supported by the coordinators.
  • Children are exposed to less illnesses and sickness can be managed better in the home environment.
  • Opportunities for larger group learning are offered through formal and informal play groups organised within the Apples at Home Childcare service and within the community.
  • Educators know each other and associate with others during the week, so children have opportunities to meet other children in their community and build relationships with children they may attend school with.
  • Children also have the opportunity to visit our centre and experience centre life and the activities and resources available.
  • Educators are able to utilise the resources with the community, such as the library, beaches, parks and bush walks.
  • Children have opportunities to participate in real life activities such as when they run household errands, visit local supermarkets and (for example; helping pick out the fruit and vegetables), house duties, cooking, baking and learning about sustainability.

Our Educators

  • IMG_7659Care for a maximum of 4 children (2 under the age of 2) under the age of 6 (which includes their own children)
  • Have a safety and secure approved home and property
  • Hold a First Aid Certificate
  • Are fully supported and mentored by experienced, Qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Provide smoke free environments
  • Are encouraged to attend and participate in Professional Development and learning which is provided numerous times throughout the year and is incorporated in every Coordinator visit and playgroup
  • Are invited and encouraged to attend weekly playgroup sessions
  • Have access to a toy / resource / book library
  • Have a good understanding of children’s development and learning
  • Have a good understanding that learning can be incorporated in any and all daily activities; such as in doing the washing and hanging it out, there is maths concepts in counting pegs, sorting colours, size, shape; Science, in wet/ dry, sunshine, evaporation, what happens when the washing does not get hung out; working theories in making sense… And so on.

Finding and choosing the very best childcare setting for your children that will meet all their and your family’s needs, is very important.