Aotearoa Surf School

About Us

Aotearoa Surf have been teaching kids to surf and beach education since 2002!

We specialise in school groups, holiday and after school programs, yet we are also a commercial operator registered under the Adventure Tourism Act operating private and public programs and events right throughout the year. Currently employing 8 staff, 5 qualified and experienced Surf Instructors and 3 trainee instructors/water assistants.

The whole team are Surf Life Saving NZ awarded and hold current St John first aid certificates.

We operate primarily from Te Arai & Mangawhai beaches, however also conduct contracted programs throughout Auckland and Northland.
We are a Water Safety New Zealand and Surfing New Zealand approved surf school and Child, Youth & Family approved.

How we can help your child

Aotearoa Surf provide one of the best kids’ programmes in New Zealand. We teach kids how to surf, catering for all ages and stages and ensuring primarily we always keep it safe and fun! From private or family lessons, to kid’s groups, afterschool programmes, summer holiday camps or birthday parties we do it all. Each program is designed for children to feel welcome and part of the team.

We generally will start with a Welcome, name games, then discuss what we will achieve during the program, be able to surf a wave on your own with proper technique and will also get to try body boarding, paddle boarding and sandboarding etc. Discuss lunch times and afternoon activities etc. Ground rules are established staying safe as a team.

We will then identify children that are confident or no so confident. Grouped accordingly to get a mix of personalities we then assign teams to a dedicated coach who has primary responsibility for their team.

Now the fun begins. wetsuits, surfboards, paddleboards body boards, sunscreen and proceed to the beach.

Cover safety! Identify dangers - Waves, Rips, Rocks, People, minimise risks. What to do if you or someone else is in possible danger. Followed by Emergency Action Procedures.

This is then followed by a full lesson on equipment, board handling, positioning, ocean entry, wave selection, board mounting, paddling, popup to stand and posture steering their surfboard / paddleboard. The majority of children will be up riding waves or paddle boarding etc in no time.

We continue to inspire and ensure every child gets up and hooked on their new skill.

Followed by lunch as a group and further activities in the afternoon. Usually several options for a different experience or further surfing all supervised in stations. At the end of the days program we will wrap up and have a feedback session as a group and acknowledge star performances, best improvements, and notable achievements. Normally rewarded with trophy’s!

The program all round is designed to be education, empowering, safe, easy, and fun. Coaches make big focus to ensure every child feels welcome, at ease and open. Giving them the best opportunity to engage, learn, develop, and achieve. There is no better satisfaction teaching the next generation beach safety and education, watching the excitement caching that wave.

We also cater for a beach party designed with fun in mind! Surfing, Paddle boarding, Beach Games and more! We put on an unforgettable day, and tailor them to suit all ages and stages. All equipment provided, qualified coaches and photos to remember the special occasion.

Physical environment

We operate at different locations dependent on which program and the conditions.
Aotearoa Surf ensure, water, sunscreen, sun shelter, toilets additional food, warm clothing and all equipment needed to run a successful program.


Safety and wellbeing is always our top priority. We are always checking how children are finding the program and regularly ask for feedback to get the best experience possible! We love feedback!

Communication with parents and guardians is a top priority as well. We communicate every day via email and pickup and drop offs in person. Pictures are taken throughout the day and updated quickly to parents and guardians so they can see the fun their children are experiencing.

Aotearoa Surf’s School & Kids Programs are second to none. We are the best at what we do. On all our programs we offer a satisfaction guarantee. For any reason if a parent is not satisfied with our program or experience we provide a full refund. (hasn’t happened yet!) Give our beach programs a go.. they are a one of a kind experience learning skills that will last a lifetime!