Anne Doyle – Cranial Osteopath

Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in England in 1995, following a 4 year full time course, which included two years of training in Cranial Osteopathy.

I now specialise in cranial osteopathy. I practiced in England for two years and have practiced in Auckland for the past 18 years, establishing my own practice in 1999.

My work as an Osteopath is constantly evolving and now encompasses a wider view of the individual, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the source of any one issue for a person.

I have worked with all age groups, with much success. However, with children the success is always a total joy as it is so life enhancing for the child and positive changes happen easily and offer a “new beginning” to a child.

Gentle balancing for positive change

During a consultation, I am constantly gathering information from your child’s case histories and through the session in various ways. Children present with such a broad spectrum of issues, that to list some would appear to limit the scope of what cranial osteopathy can successfully treat. The sources of these problems can sometimes be quite deep and may take time to discover and heal fully.

My work is very gentle and is carried out fully clothed, incorporating gentle back rubs, for purposes of “clearing” and “balancing”. (Cranial Osteopathy does not have to be carried out lying down, but can be standing or sitting.) At this point, most children go off to sleep. As I can adapt my treatments easily, there is always a comfortable position even for infants, with treatments carried out in any position they require.

My osteopathic approach to children is not so different from that of an adult; however, I adapt my approach to fit the needs of your child. Children are “reached” on whatever level they need at any time. It is all about being aware of what the body is telling me as to what it needs at any one time. It involves me being open to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of your child and allowing the “patterns” of what is needed to come forward to receive help and for the “story to unfold”.

A calming, relaxing environment

The atmosphere in my clinic is a nurturing, safe, gentle environment that allows your child to relax and trust that their needs are of the utmost importance to me, which they are.

My clinic is surrounded by a lovely garden, which I nurture and appreciate as I am aware of its wonderful healing energy which joins with that of the clinic. A harmonious background of running water and constant bird song is ever present.

I also have a small studio as part of my clinic which provides an enjoyable place for children to play with toys or read children’s books from the toy box or just jump around and have fun. It’s a safe, contained area adjacent to my treatment room.

It is so important for your child to feel safe, nurtured and understood, so they are ready to work with me to help them. As with everyone, this work is a “journey of discovery” which always leads to a better, healthier, happier place.

To discuss how cranial osteopathy may benefit your child, please feel free to contact me on (09 4122665) or (027 489 1655).