Andy’s Educare Ltd

Centre owner Sandy Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the early childhood sector. Now a Nan, she continues to enjoy immersing herself in the world of children.

Andy’s Educare is a small centre comprising of two fully qualified early childhood educators and two educators currently completing their training. The centre has an ‘open arms’ policy where our teaching team actively engages in getting to know our children’s families and whanau – we are passionate about the children in our care and guide each of them towards being well rounded, life-long learners.

Exploration & Discovery

We promote a warm, caring environment where your child’s interests are nurtured, new experiences are introduced and social skills are developed.

A wide range of resources and activities encourages your child to explore and to become empowered.

Activities at our centre are determined by the current interests of our children and may include construction, music, play dough, working with clay, sand and water play, dramatic play, writing, drawing, puzzles, books and games.

Together, we often take a bus ride to the nearby library and organise other local trips to enhance your child's learning experiences.

We run a tooth-brushing programme to encourage a greater awareness of the benefits of healthy food, healthy teeth and being enrolled at the local dental clinic.

Safe & nurturing environment

Our centre is set in a homely, character-filled cottage – a wonderful place for your child to be supported in becoming a confident, independent learner.

If you would like to find out more about our Educare service, please get in touch with us – we welcome your queries.