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Friendly, personal eyecare

Albany Optometrists have been providing family focused eye care on the North Shore since 2002. We are locally owned and operated and look forward to building a personal relationship with you and your family, providing you with friendly, personal service.

Our Team

Ming Wang, Optometrist,
B.Optom (Auck)

Passionate about children’s vision and eye health, Ming offers general optometry services such as eyesight testing as well as specialty services in behavioural optometry for students with learning difficulties and other visual processing disorders.

Qualified in therapeutics, Ming can not only assess your child’s eye health but can also prescribe certain medications for the treatment of eye conditions. Ming looks forward to providing the best possible care for your child’s and your family’s vision needs.

Sarah Bycroft, Dispensing Optician & Irlen Diagnostician

With 17 years optical experience, Sarah is the authorised Irlen Syndrome Diagnostician for the North Shore.

(Read on to learn about Irlen Syndrome.)

Sarah will also help you find the right frames and lenses for your child’s needs ensuring a comfortable fit and able to withstand the rigours of normal childhood activity.

Your child’s vision and their learning

Over 80% of learning comes from what you see so it is essential for your child to have their vision tested regularly - vision testing and correction is a vital part of preventing learning problems and school screening alone is not enough to detect many of the eye conditions that are present.

Does your child have puzzling problems with any of these?

While complaints of “I can’t see the board” may alert you to your child having visual difficulties, often children fail to note or report visual difficulties for a variety of reasons. An eye exam is recommended if you note your child having difficulty with:

  • reading/writing or maths
  • attention/concentration
  • headaches
  • spatial awareness
  • light and/or high contrast sensitivity

Visual processing disorders

While we think of the eyes as being responsible for vision, it is the brain which processes the visual world and interprets what the eye “sees”, making sense of the symbols, pictures and distances.

Weaknesses in these brain functions are called visual processing disorder. So while your child’s eyes might be “perfect”, the brain still cannot compute!

Irlen Syndrome is a common visual processing difficulty. It can affect approximately one in eight of the general population but nearly half of those who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia. However, this is easily managed by wearing precision tinted lenses and can be diagnosed here at Albany Optometrists. Irlen Syndrome often runs in families but individuals experience different symptoms. It can also be triggered by head injury or illness.

You can trust us to see you right

We stock a large range of stylish children’s frames and offer personal care when selecting glasses so that your child will feel special and look great with their new eyewear.

If you have a community services card and your child is under 16 you may be entitled to an annual subsidy for glasses and eye examinations.

Our premises are pleasant and comfortable, with a children’s area for entertaining any siblings while you are with your child who is being tested. We have a great rapport with children and are here to listen to you and offer the help and advice you need.

If you want to know more about any of our services, please give us a call on (09 414 4484) . We look forward to seeing you soon.



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