Academic Excellence in English Ltd (AEE Tutoring)

About Us

Lyn Ashford

With over 20 years of teaching in the public and private school sector overseas and in New Zealand, AEE Tutoring was created in a response to students’ needs for extra lessons to support their learning in schools.

University study in Teaching Second Languages and professional development in language learning (e.g. Reading Recovery and ESOL support) has provided an opportunity to teach individuals effective communication skills.

AEE Tutoring has been operating for several years and caters for small group lessons and 1:1 tutoring. All teachers are qualified and well experienced in their relative areas of expertise.

What Can You Expect?

  • Lessons are tailored to meet individual needs for learning
  • Students have the opportunity to discuss and share their ideas during learning activities, set goals, reflect on their achievements and evaluate their learning
  • Students develop a rapport with the teacher/tutor and other students in a relaxed and supportive learning environment
  • There is a focus to make lessons enjoyable, relevant, inspiring and challenging
  • Teachers/tutors aim to develop students’ confidence in their ability to learn and feel positive about their learning experience. Students are encouraged to complete lesson work tasks and homework to achieve their learning goals.


Individual Attention in a Welcoming Atmosphere

We try to make the atmosphere at AEE Tutoring warm, welcoming and friendly. There is a reception/lounge area and when time permits between lessons, it is always good to connect with parents and provide feedback on how students are progressing with their lessons.

Small group and 1:1 lessons provide opportunity for students to receive individual attention to maximise learning outcomes.

Where Are We Located?

Our premises are based in a central location in New Lynn - close to the Lynnmall Shopping Centre, train & bus stations. Client parking is provided at the centre.

Feel free to give us a call on (09 817 5228 ) or (021 992 421)