ABL Psychological Services Ltd

About Us

Prakash is a strongly motivated, registered, senior Psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Psychology.

With Masters degrees in Psychology and Sociology, a Post-graduate qualification in Guidance and Counselling and a degree in Speech Language Therapy, Prakash is well-equipped to deal with a variety of learning and behaviour issues in children and youth.

The expertise Prakash holds is in the areas of learning issues, behavioural issues and organisational skills. Successfully supporting people to achieve their best, his multi-skilled combination of qualifications make him effectively holistic in his outlook.

Prakash can help if:

  • You are a parent with an unhappy, angry, withdrawn, obsessive, or argumentative, under- performing child or teenager
  • Your child has learning difficulties in school in the area of reading, writing, spelling or maths
  • You are a teacher or educational specialist who is responsible for a child or teenager who shows ‘problematic’ and/or ‘unresponsive’ behaviours
  • You are dealing with anxiety, depression or a dysfunctional state of mind

Prakash’s policy is to talk with you and your child and explain his process in the first 5 minutes, before undertaking any assessments. Then, while your child is being assessed, you are offered tea or coffee and a comfortable space to wait.


The centre is in the Flat Bush residential area in Auckland. Attached to Prakash’s house, it is private, with a separate entry and parking space just outside. There is a well-designed waiting room attached to the consultation room, where you and your family will be looked after by our friendly receptionist.